10 things you should do, should be avoided in SEO

5 Do&rsquo’s list is number one: Take the time to research all the keywords and key phrases on your website, and the products or services you want to sell. The correct keyword research can only be done using WordTracker, which is the industry standard for professional keyword research.

Trying to optimize your site without knowing the real keywords is like driving at night without headlights! Some people will tell you about their use of Overture’s free advice tool. While this tool can help you to a limited extent, you should always use WordTracker for the best results.

Do the second one: Make sure you write a short descriptive title tag for each page of your site and make sure they are completely different. The search engine uses the information contained in the title tag to compare them to the text on the page and rank them accordingly. A short description in the title tag can also help your users. The idea here is to keep it as short and descriptive as possible.

If you want to create a new page about “Durable Red Widgets”, then call that page “Durable Red Widgets” to avoid creating title tags that are longer than 30 characters, as they may dilute your rankings. effect.

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Author: Serge Thibodeau published.