12 SEO goals 2019: I want to inspire your ideas

This is a new year, bringing new goals and many reflections. With the start of 2019, it’s time to consider your SEO goals — these are for you personally, as an SEO professional, or your project goal.

By understanding the collective goals of the SEO community, we can learn a lot from each other.

Therefore, you will not only see some of the SEO goals of 2019, but you will also see a compilation of goals for global SEO professionals.

Strategy and Strategy 20191 tactical search engine optimization goals. Pursuit of long tail
“ Continue to find that sweet spot on the long tail. It’s great to be able to share your story, be discovered and drive results. Go to the relevant people, but not everyone has a return,” rdquo;, Christoph Trappe, chief content engagement director at Stamats Communications.

2. Leading the new technology & its impact on SEO
One of my main goals for 2019 is to immerse myself in new technology research that will impact our future (including our digital marketing future).

For example, I plan to study and learn artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality as much as possible.

Kevin Chow, director of SEO& Director pays for digital currents, with similar gains:

“One of the things I’m studying is to see if AI is the title tag, and the meta description and reporting insights are the direction we should go. ”

3. Better understand the impact of voice search
“Chow” also aims to understand the voice through this year’s feature clips, not just Q&A, because he has “already seen voices over PPC.”

Itamar Blauer, director of digital marketing at MintTwist, thinks so.

& ldquo; 2019 will be an important year for SEO. As virtual assistants and voice searches increase, ongoing knowledge is critical to the success of this year,” Brauer said.

4. Stay informed about the latest trends & algorithm changes
Blauer also believes that understanding trends and using the latest Baidu algorithms to keep updates will provide opportunities for new ideas, quality content and even better results.

Taylor Kurtz, owner and founder of Crush the Rankings, agreed.

“As the industry changes almost every moment, it’s not just about determining upcoming trends, but also how they affect your industry. It’s also important to go beyond curves, such as optimizing image search, because the new Baidu Photo app allows you to search based on images taken on your phone,” rdquo; Kurz said.

5. Monitor, adapt and pursue selected clips
Michael Brown Jr., senior SEO manager for online marketing at Jellyfish, is very pleased with the optimization of the featured clips.

“ Return to zero in 2019! As search real estate becomes more and more difficult to obtain, with the development of mobile, mobile-first indexing and voice-assisted devices, it is clear that rankings are not as important as they used to be. My goal for 2019 is to monitor, adjust and pursue current and future features as the opportunity arises,” rdquo; he said.

“Before leading the game by creating optimized best practices, keep up-to-date with the latest Baidu clips to test future opportunities, and the most obvious & ldquo;defense & rsquo; it has ever been. 2018 is full of Baidu updates, focusing on modifying the query intent on the information site, “rdquo; Brown added. “My theory is that this is a way to tell people that information will become a driver in the SERP, and SEO should pay attention Force to move to provide more useful information so that zero-position results can be collected and used directly.

& ldquo; With the rise of data acquisition devices such as Baidu Home, the demand for direct answers through feature segments such as quick response boxes will increase dramatically. Content such as discussions about FAQs, how-and-how, and Q&A search features support this view, which is Baidu’s focus and will only get bigger, “rdquo; he said.

6. Improve page loading speed
Christine Jones, chief operating officer of BestCompany.com, acknowledges the importance of page loading speed.

“ One of our big goals this year is to increase the loading speed of all pages to less than 4 seconds. We plan to achieve this by optimizing images, minimizing HTTP requests, and reducing the number of plugins and pixels on our site. Jones said.

7. Give the link some attention
Kurtz also believes that agencies should conduct more link audits than they do (ie every 4-5 months).

Similarly, Hazel Joy of Travelblogger at Arrivals Hall wants to monitor links more.

“I run a travel blog and will be my link year in 2019. I will be more focused on fixing outbound broken links and getting backlinks,” rdquo; Joey said.

8. Contact SRO with CRO
JK Strategies owner Jim Knapp pointed out that SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) need to work together.

“Over the years, working with a lot of small businesses, it seems that no CRO SEO is like inviting a group of people to join the party & mdash; there are a lot of RSVP and mdash; then, once they get there they don’t have anything to offer them,” Rdquo; Knapp said.

Professional SEO goal 20199. Focus on personal brand
At the same time, Bill Hartzer, domain consultant for SEO & Hartzer Consulting, hopes to develop his personal brand in 2019. As he said:

“Although digital marketers are working for their agents and working in their careers, it is important not to forget their personal brand. I have seen that the digital marketing industry has changed a lot in the past 15 years, and having a strong personal brand will keep you ahead of the curve in the industry. To build your own personal brand, make sure your social media account is active and in top. Engage in writing, speaking and networking. ”

. Create your own personal website on your own domain 10. Get more organizations
This year, Hazel also wants to be more organized.

“I run my own business, I am organized — but I can always continue to work hard, whether it is to ensure that my task list is up to date, or that the daily, weekly and yearly target list is up to date,” He says.

11. Customer satisfaction
Kurtz also considers customer satisfaction as the highest goal.

Daria Khmelnitskaya, an SEO expert on the SE list, believes it is a good idea to link his career goals to the goals of the current project or business.

& ldquo; In this case, you will receive additional help from colleagues and management. And the goal of SEO experts every year is – more and more mistakes, and learn from them to get more experience,” rdquo; Khmelnitsky said.

12. Tell a better story
This goal applies to multiple areas.

I want to tell a better story about how SEO can help customers. Indicators are necessary, but simply reporting numbers is not enough. I hope to better demonstrate how SEO can improve the business by meeting their key performance indicators and achieving their business goals. As a speaker and teacher, I want to improve my ability to tell stories that have deeper information and lead to learning. Reflect in your 2019 goal

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