1st law of motion

1st law of motion

Q13:    1st law of motion.

In the absence of any eternal a body in rest will remain in rest and a body in motion will

Q14:    2nd law of motion:

Continue it motion also when a net force is applied on a body it produces acceleration in that body which is directly proportional to applied.

Q14:    3rd low of motion:

    (Force and inversely proportional to the mass of that body)

(To every action there is reactions which are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction)

Q15:    Define torgue?

    (The turning effect of a body is called torque)

Q17:    Moment um?

    (The producer of mass and velocity is called momentum)

Q18:    What is different b/w mass & weight?

Q19:    What is Nano second?

    (Small unit of time (10-9sec))

Q20:    Define “Distance”& unit?

    (The length of actual path is Distance, unit is matere)

26:    Tell the name of Nobel gases ?

Ans:    Helium neon argon krypton, xenon Rn

Q27:    What is ampher?

    (The unit of current)

28:     What current?

    (Flow of charges is salled current)

29:     What is mass?


30:    Acceleration?

    (The note of change of velocity is called acceleration)

31:    W=mg?

    (Equation of weight)

32:    Center of gravity?

    (The point at which the whole weight of)

Ans:    a body acts is called center of gravity)

Q33:    What is atom?

    (Smallest particle of matter is called atom)

Q34:    What is macule?

    (The combustion of two or more atoms is called molecule

        E.g. H2, H2O etc.)