2019[SEO New Algorithm] comprehensive analysis of “Thunderstorm Algorithm”

It is estimated that many webmasters have learned about the new Baidu algorithm in the past two days, which means that Baidu search will launch the “Thunderstorm Algorithm” at the end of November. When we saw this name, our intellectual writing was also confused, then this thunder. What algorithm is this algorithm? Today’s Wisdom Writing gives webmasters a detailed explanation.

Many webmasters also unexpectedly expect the so-called lightning algorithm. Why did you say that? First of all, this Thunder algorithm is as serious as the brush click classification. In terms of clicking “fast”, the Thunder algorithm will periodically generate penalty data to punish the cheating behavior in the click traffic. The website will be severely punished with a penalty record. In severe cases, it will be banned for a long time.

Many webmasters will ask us why we don’t worry about writing. In fact, this is very simple. It is a technology developed independently. It is not a fast-distributing company, so don’t worry, the old saying goes, don’t be afraid that the shadow is tilted. Webmasters who still use the fast line may have to worry about this. Today, I will ask you to explain, I hope to help more webmasters solve the problem.