News, weather, and sports on the Net

News, weather, and sports on the Net

News, weather, and sports on the Net

Of course, CompuServe doesn’t have a lock on news services. There are numerous news, weather, and sports services available on the Internet—and you can access all of them directly from CompuServe!

Reading news-related newsgroups

There are hundreds of USENET newsgroups (GO USENET) devoted to news, weather, and (especially) sports topics. The best groups for general news are those from ClariNet. ClariNet is a semi-official organization that posts news articles to the Internet, and ClariNet news is timely and well-done. Look for any newsgroup that starts clari.*, such as (business and economic news) or (European news). You can even find ClariNet news on a state-by-state basis (clari.local.* groups), and on sports topics (clari.sports.* groups).

For pure sports news, check out those newsgroups in the alt.sports.* area. It contains dozens of groups—including groups for most professional base­ball and basketball teams. There are also a lot of sports groups in the* area, including some devoted to recreational sports.

Due to the nature of newsgroups (they’re like CompuServe forums), USENET doesn’t have much in the way of weather information. For up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, you have to turn to the World Wide Web.

Getting your news from the Web

The World Wide Web offers several news services that rival anything you can find on CompuServe. Here are some interesting sites to tour:

  • ClariNet ( A Web page that lets you access all the news in the ClariNet newsgroups.
  • Commercial News Services on the Internet (http://vvww.jou.uftedu/ commres/webjou.htm): A large list of major news services on the Web; it’s a good place to start looking for news-oriented sites.
  • CNN Web ( CNN’s Web-based service.
  • Electronic Newsstand ( A good list of electronic newspapers and magazines.


Some of these are commercial Web sites, which means you might be asked to pay a fee before you gain access to the site.

Whether you want to stay with CompuServe’s services or venture off onto the Internet, you’re bound to find the news, weather, and sports information you need—just by clicking your mouse!

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