New Complete Class 10 English Notes

New Class 10 English Notes

New Class 10 English Notes class ten Engish Notes All Chapter A to Z.

Unit # 01 “Simplicity and Humility of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)”

A. Answer the following Questions.

Q1: What is meant by simplicity and humility?

Ans: Simplicity is a characteristic of greatness. It means doing what is necessary and remaining balanced. Humility is the quality of being humble. Both these great virtues mean straight forward and having low views of one’s importance.

Q2: Describe in a few sentences, the life style of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in the light of the text that you have read?

Ans: The life style of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was simple and humble. He always ate simple food and wore simple clothes. He never searched for a prominent place in a gathering. His mattress was made of leather stuff and leaves of date tree.

Q3: How can simplicity and humility do away with the culture of extravagance and waste?

Ans: By adopting the qualities of simplicity and humility, we can easily eradicate the culture of extravagance and waste. We can also reduce our expenditure. These qualities saves a man from economic problems.

Q4: Read the last paragraph of the lesson “Simplicity and Humility of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)” with comprehension  and write down the main idea and supporting details of the paragraph?

Ans: The main idea of the last paragraph is that we can learn a lot from the faultless qualities of Muhammad’s (PBUH).By adopting the qualities of humbleness and simplicity. we can improve our life and can eradicate the social evils like arrogance, pride and extravagance. Simplicity and humility will correct our social behavior.

Q5: How did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) treat his foster sister?

Ans: Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) treated his foster sister with great respect. Whenever she came, he would stand up to receive her and would spread his sheet for her to sit.

B. Choose the correct option for the following statements.

1.(b) Led a simple life.                   2.(d) Poor                 3.(a) In the same way

4.(a) Without money        5.(c)Humility was the essential part of Rasool’s character.


A. Choose the correct option for each sentence.

1.(c) Abstract noun           2.(b) Uncountable noun              3.(b) Uncountable

4.(c) Abstract noun           5.(a) Countable.

B. Write the correct plural of the noun in parenthesis.

Ans.1: These (person)………are protesting against the president. (Persons)

2.The (woman)………. over there want to meet the manager. (Women)

3.My (child)……….  hate eating pasta. (Children)

4.The (student)…….  are doing the exercise right now. (Students)

5.The (Fish)………. I bought is in the fridge. (Fish)

6.Where did you put the (Knife)……….  which were on the (Shelf)……?

 (Knives, shelves)

7.(Piano)…….  are expansive. (Pianos)

8.These (Phenomenon)…………. are not fully understood. (Phenomena)

C. Use both the singular and plural nouns in sentences to show difference in meaning.

Nouns                       Sentences

Good (S)          :        Umair is a good boy.

Goods (P)       :       Pakistan export goods to other countries.

Wood (S)        :         Ali collects wood for fire.

Woods (P)      :         I like walking in the woods.

Spectacle(S)   :      The morning assembly was magnificent spectacle.

Spectacles (P):     I bought a pair of spectacles.

Character(S)  :       Adnan’s character is quite different from other boys.

Characters(P) :       I like major characters of every Novel.

Manner (S)     :        Fahim is doing his work in a good manner.

Manners (P)    :       Muhammad(PBUH) is a complete example of good manners.

Force (S)        :          Atiq uses his force to open the door.

Forces (P)      :          Arm forces protect the borders of the country.

D. Identify the noun phrases in the following sentences?

Ans: Noun Phrase: A noun phrase is a group of words which function as a noun in a sentence. For example: He wished to talk to his manager.” In this sentence “His manager” is a noun phrase. The following are the noun phrases.

1.His manager.                   2. The wicked man. Poor people.

3.The poor man, every penny.  4.All the kids.           5.Dark stables.

E. Complete each sentence with a properly formed noun clause.

Ans.1. (b). Where his wallet was?

2.(b). Where I was?

3.(a). How many children he has?

4.(a). How close we are?

5.(b). What she said?

Unit # 02 “The Champions” Class 10 English Notes

Unit # 02 “The Champions” Class 10 English Notes
Unit # 02 “The Champions” Class 10 English Notes

A.Answer the following questions.

Q1. What is the significance of the title “The Champions”?

Ans: The significance of the title “The Champions” is the story about a boxing contest between two deep friends, in which the winner has to represent Pakistan in the world boxing championship in light weight category.

Q2. What was the dream of Ahmad Ali and Gul Sher?

Ans: Ahmad Ali and Gul Sher had a dream of someday becoming lightweight boxing champion of the world.

Q3. Why was the fight so important for both Ali and Gul Sher?

Ans: The fight was very important for both boxers, because the contest was actually for the selection of world boxing champion. They both were dreaming to win it.

Q4. How did the two friends fight? Describe in five sentences.

Ans: Both the friends fought bravely. They rushed towards each other like bulls and pounded blows on each other like hailstones. They give tough time to each other in the ring. At the end, they sacrificed the championship for their friendship.

Q5. Compare and contrast the characters of Ali and Gul?

Ans: Gul Sher was fair, lean and lanky. His hair was always falling over his eyes. Ali was Sheedi, dark, short and strong. His hair was in a natural Afro style. They have many common qualities but their boxing style was different from each other. They both know, how to win the fight.

Q6. Is there any conflict in the story? If yes, describe it in detail.

Ans: Yes, there is a conflict in the story. One conflict is the boxing contest between the two fast friends. They both worried about how to face each other in the ring. They were restless to think about the effect of the fight on their friendship.

Q7. What was the effect of the fight on the relationship of the two friends?

Ans: Both the boxers were good friends. They were greatly worried about their boxing contest. They know that the fight will not affect their relationship. They fought bravely, as they knew that the better men should win the contest.

Q8. Keeping in view the relationship of the two friends, is it easier or harder for them to fight each other? Support your answer by giving references from the text.

Ans: As we know that both the boxers were good friends, so it was hard for them to fight against each other. Before the fight they were really restless and they often told each other about the mental conditions of their own. They really didn’t want to disturb their friendship.

Q9. Are you satisfied with the ending? Support your response with cogent arguments.

Ans: Yes, we are satisfied with the ending of the story. Both boxers showed their courage, strength and skills. At the end of the story their friendship win over the boxing championship.

B. Choose the correct option for the following statements.

Ans: 1. (b) He was tall, skinny with long arms.                      2.(c) small and well-built

         3. (b) Communication gap was increasing between them.

         4. (d) Friendship was greater than winning fight.

         5. (d) He was disturbed about the effects of the forthcoming fight on their




A. Complete the following sentences using appropriate articles.

1. (b) a/an                                        2. (c) a/the                           3. (a) a/a

4. (d) a/a                                           5. (a) a/a/the


A. Choose the correct pronoun to correctly finish this sentence.

1. (b) I                        2. (c) She                  3. (b) He                    4. (c) Their

5. (b) They                6. (c) They                7. (c) They                8. (b) It.

B. Choose one of relative pronoun who, which or whose to complete sentence.

  • 1.I talked to the girl………. Car had broken down in front of the shop. (whose)
  • 2.Mr.Razzaq,…….. is a taxi driver, lives on the corner. (who)
  • 3.I live in a house in Naran……… is in Northern Pakistan. (Which)
  • 4.This is the girl…… comes from Swat. (who)
  • 5.That’s Naeem, the boy……… has just arrived at the airport. (who)
  • 6.Those …. haven’t paid their fee should do so at once. (who)
  • 7.This is a detective novel ……… you might like. (which)
  • 8.Here are the keys …….. you were searching for. (which)

C. Underline the indefinite pronouns in the following sentences.

  • 1.Everybody enjoys a good movie. (Everybody)
  • 2.Does anybody have the time? (Anybody)
  • 3.Nobody knows the trouble I have seen. (Nobody)
  • 4.The secret was known by few. (Few)
  • 5.No, the secret was known by many. (Many)
  • 6.Calculus is too hard for some. (Some)
  • 7.Surely you recognize somebody. (Somebody)
  • 8.He’s not a liar. I’m sure everything he said was true. (Everything)

Unit # 03 Poem “Dreams” Langston Hughes Class 10 English Notes

Unit # 03 Poem “Dreams” Langston Hughes
Unit # 03 Poem “Dreams” Langston Hughes

A. Answer the following questions.

Q1. What is the theme of the poem?

Ans: The theme of the poem “Dreams” is the importance of holding onto dreams in life. Dreams are essential for dynamic life. Life without ambitions and dreams is hopeless.

Q2. How important do you think dreams are? Explain.

Ans: I think dreams are very important for hopeful and successful life. Dream is a source of hope and pleasure which enable us to obtain success. Dreams gives us courage to bear the hardships of life.

Q3. Identify an example of a word or phrase that is repeated in the poem and explain why the poet makes this repetition.?

Ans: The poet repeats the word/ phrase “Dream” and “if dream die”, because he wanted to emphasize the importance of dreams in human’s life.

Q4. Identify an example of personification. Explain what is being personified and how?

Ans: personification: when a poet gives human qualities to non-human things that is called personification. This figurative device has been used in the poem “Dreams”. The poet has Personified life to a broken winged bird that cannot fly without dreams.

Q5. Identify lines containing metaphors. What ideas are being conveyed by these?

Ans: The third line of 1st stanza “Life is a broken-winged bird” and the third line of 2nd stanza “Life is a barren field” containing metaphors. These metaphors conveyed the ideas that life is useless and hopeless without dreams.

Q6. List the alliterative words from the poem “Dreams”?

Ans: Alliteration: when all the words of a line or a sentence starts with the same letter. This is called alliteration. In this poem “Dreams Die” are alliterative words

Q7: How is imagery used in this poem?

Ans: The poet has beautifully used the figurative device of imagery in this poem. He uses words like “broken-winged bird” “barren field” and “field frozen with snow” to make images in the mind of readers.

Q8. What is the mood of this poem? How does it make you feel?

Ans: The mood of this poem is sad. However, the poet encourages the readers to hold fast to their wishes , desires and goals because without Dreams life is dull and bleak.

B. Write the correct option in the following statement.

Ans1:(d) stick fast to your ambition in life.        2.(a) Metaphors      3. (b)Metaphors

            4.(a)Hollow and bleak                                  5.(d) Life will be hopeless


Transitive and intransitive verbs

A. Do as directed

1.(c) I watched a movie.                          2. (d) She laughed heartily.

3.(c)The birds are flying.                          4. (b)The customer is buying pancakes.

5.(d) Asma shouted in the class.            6.(a)The student is answering questions.

A. Write the verb in parenthesis in the correct form (present or past participle)

1. Prepared                          2. Studying                           3. Lying

4. Shocked                           5.Leaving

Unit # 04 “Population Growth and its Impact On Environment” Class 10 English Notes

Unit # 04 “Population Growth and its Impact On Environment”
Unit # 04 “Population Growth and its Impact On Environment” Class 10 English Notes

A. Answer the following questions.

Q1. Why is there no single and easy solution to the problem of population growth and its impact on environment?

Ans: There is no single and easy solution to the problem of population growth and its impact on environment because this problem is very complicated. To solve this problem all options should be utilized including awareness campaigns, re-assessment of consumption patterns, recycling of waste and less use of resources.

Q2:How is the carrying capacity of earth affected?

Ans: The carrying capacity of earth is affected by over population. Earth has the carrying capacity of 500 million to one trillion humans, but it has limited resources so, it is not able to support such a large number of people.

Q3: Why does population growth directly affect the environment?

Ans: Population growth has direct impact on environment. An increase in population means increase in consumption of resources and production of more waste materials, water and air pollution.

Note: Q4,5 and 6, have been skipped.

B. Choose the correct option.

Ans1: (a) Enormous                     2. (a) Fact                                         3. (a) Released

4. (b) The maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain

5. (c) Poor, developing and advanced nations.

Unit # 05 “The Great Masjid of Cordoba & Iqbal”

Unit # 05 “The Great Masjid of Cordoba & Iqbal”
Unit # 05 “The Great Masjid of Cordoba & Iqbal” Class 10 English Notes

A. Answer the following questions.

Q1: Where did Abdur Rehman 1 import fruit trees & other plants from? Why?

Ans: Abdur Rehman 1 imported fruit trees & other plants from Damascus to Cordoba because he wanted to make Cordoba a glorious place.

Q2: What can we achieve again if we enkindle in ourselves the master passion (Ishq)?

Ans: We can achieve the past glory & greatness, if we enkindle in ourselves the passion of Ishq.

Q3: What is the view of Iqbal about the Masjid of Cordoba? Explain

Ans: The view of Iqbal about the Masjid of Cordoba is that the Masjid Cordoba is a symbol of faith and dominance of Islamic civilization in Europe. The existence of Masjid is due to Ishq and its foundations are everlasting.

Q4: What, in your opinion, is the significance of the Masjid of Cordoba to present day Muslims? Explain.

Ans: The Masjid Cordoba is a symbol of past glory & greatness of the Muslims & their dominance over Europe. It takes us to the golden age of Islam which provided enlightment to the dark ages of Europe.

Q5: Why did Iqbal greatly appreciated a faraway Masjid in Spain, when there were superb buildings of the Muslim era in sub-continent?

Ans: Iqbal greatly appreciated the great Masjid of Cordoba to tell the present-day Muslims the glory, strength & greatness of Muslims and Islam in Europe. The Masjid is the outstanding  symbol of faith and also the finest work of Muslim Art.

B. Choose the correct option.

1.(c) Christians                    2.(c) Exalted state of moral and spiritual character

3.(b) Metaphor                   4.(d) Skillful 5.(b)The glory of Muslims rule in Spain.


A. Choose the correct type of adjectives to fill in the blanks.

1.(c) Demonstrative adjective                            2.(b) Indefinite adjective

3.(c) Demonstrative adjective                4.(a) An adjective that modifies the pronoun

5.(a) ) An adjective that modifies the pronoun

D. Use the nouns given in parenthesis to form adjectives.

1. I wish I had (magic)……….. powers.   (Magical)

2. My sister is (allergy)…….. to cats.       (Allergic)

3. That bird has a (love)…… voice.          (Lovely)

4. Akram has a (Friend)……. Relationship with his customers.  (Friendly)

5.The project has been brought to a (success)……… conclusion. (Successful)

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