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How to fundamentally increase website traffic

fundamentally increase website traffic

fundamentally increase website traffic

Today we discuss with you a question, how should we fundamentally increase website traffic, many webmasters are asking some similar questions, how can we increase website traffic, in fact, there are many problems to be solved to increase website traffic, including many details As well as some substantive problems, many people mistakenly believe that as long as you master a certain skill, you can increase website traffic, and advise everyone to change this way of thinking as soon as possible. If you want to solve the website traffic problem, you must solve some substantive problems. s things.

So, what are the substantive issues?

One: article quality, why users don’t like your website, just because your website can’t provide high-quality problems and can’t meet users’ needs, users can’t get what they want on your website, and they don’t stay Meaning. Therefore, only by ensuring the quality of each article can users let you pay for it. Don’t think about all the SEO tips and SEO tricks to improve your website rankings all day. These things are too unrealistic and want to stand out in the industry. It is necessary to overpower competitors in the quality of articles.

Two: the number of articles, with the quality of articles, the next thing is the number of articles. Users like websites with richer and richer content. Only by constantly enriching the number of articles can they occupy more search engine entrances. SEO is actually in addition to the competition of target words. , Is the competition of long-tailed words, who has more long-tailed words, who will get more traffic, if a website’s long-tailed words cover the entire industry, no matter what problems users search, your website has With these contents, the chance of being searched will be greater.

Three: promotion, with the quality of articles and the number of articles, then you need to promote through various channels, including submitting to some well-known sites, publishing soft articles, etc., as much as possible to let more people find your website, no matter how good Of websites also need to be tapped by users in order to discover the value of the website. But pay attention to some issues when promoting. First, try to publish some high-quality articles. Second, try to publish the content that the search engine has included, in case the search engine cannot judge the true source of the original article.

Four: brand building, to make the website stronger and bigger, you must form your own brand and create your own brand website. So, how to build a brand site. First, register the brand domain name, second, keyword positioning branding, and third, promote branding. Just like my Duan Wenjie SEO blog, both the domain name selection and title positioning emphasize the three words Duan Wenjie and also promote the promotion of the three words Duan Wenjie, which is the simplest branding The process is also to optimize the keyword “SEO”. If you change the “Duan Wenjie SEO Blog” in the title to “SEO Blog”, the website brand will disappear.

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