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SEO optimization should be original or quality

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Every time when it comes to SEO optimization, the two most mentioned words are: “original”, original is very important, but we should not overlook another issue, that is: the quality of the article. Whether SEO is “original” is important or “quality” is important. There is no doubt that quality is more important, but many webmasters have fallen into the trap of originality. They think that originality is more important than quality.

I read an article yesterday. The article talked about the problem of the website bounce rate. Why is the bounce rate of a website so high? The only explanation is: the quality of the article is not enough. So, why is the quality of articles not relevant? What is the reason? One of the most important reasons is that it only pays attention to originality, but does not pay attention to the quality of articles, and cannot meet user needs.

Why does the webmaster only value originality but not the quality of the article?

First: I don’t know enough about search engine optimization. Although SEO has become very popular, in view of the current situation, many people still stay in the stage of “hearsay”, lacking their own thinking and opinion, and pursuing the doctrine, others How do we say it? Everyone is saying that “original articles” are important, and we are desperately creating original articles.

Second: choose the wrong industry, Duan Wenjie SEO mentioned many times that doing SEO is to do your favorite industry, not to be the most profitable industry, you can not write more professional articles without understanding an industry, this It’s a fact in front of you. You have to know that there are a lot of highly professional people in the SEO optimization group. If you compare your weakness with others’ strengths, it’s undoubtedly that the egg will touch the stone and we must lose it. Although The articles are all original articles but compared with professional articles, the gap is still very large. In fact, this is also a kind of helplessness, because many people are staring at the industry that makes money, and we are not familiar with this industry.

Whether originality is important or quality is important. In the face of this problem, especially for new webmasters, you should think about this problem. If you still can’t understand it, consider yourself as a user of the website and stand on the user. From the perspective of your own site, there is naturally an answer. Users need quality articles, not original articles. Here, Duan Wenjie seo has to talk about his feelings during this time. From the current situation, although search engines attach great importance to the quality of articles, the importance is still far away. Not enough, some spam articles still occupy a high SEO ranking due to the high weight of the website itself.

When chatting with a webmaster, he confided his voice. He has always attached great importance to the quality of articles, but after running the website for a year, the traffic is not as good as some junk articles, and some pseudo-original websites. He told me that he did not want to Persevere again, he felt that perseverance made no sense. I browsed his site, from the article quality to the user experience, it did a very good job, but due to his lack of publicity and promotion, the website’s traffic has been unable to go up. But what I want to say is that with the continuous development of search engines, this situation will definitely be improved. We must believe in ourselves and the search engines and insist on good article quality. SEO optimization

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