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What is website weight

What is website weight

I have always heard people say that website weight, what exactly is website weight, and what role does website weight play? The so-called website weight refers to the evaluation of the value of a search engine for a website, different sites, search engines give different The value of the evaluation is based on many factors, such as the time of building the site, the quality of the content, and the number of articles.

The search engine evaluates the value of a website, which is like the boss’s test of the employees. The first is to evaluate the employees’ ability to confirm whether an employee has good working ability. Second, the employee’s work attitude must be evaluated. Observe the employee for a long time to confirm whether the employee treats the work consistently.

Search engines evaluate a website as nothing more than these conditions. A website is rated by factors such as the quality of the article, the number of articles, the update of the article, the time of the website, and external links. This scoring rule is comprehensive, not independent, and is not scored by a single item. Simply owning the quality of articles is not enough, and simply having the number of articles is not enough.

The weight of a website means that the search engine verifies various aspects of a website, and whose website is more in line with the SEO rules, the higher weight is given to that website. At present, we can only roughly judge the weight of a website based on “ranking” and “traffic”. Baidu officials do not have such a tool, but there are many third-party “website weight assessment” tools on the Internet.

Mainly remind everyone two points:

One: time is a very important factor , some people may find it incredible, why the quality of the articles on the website is very good, the quality of the external link is also good, and why the ranking does not come up, this may be due to the short construction time, this point Wen Jie SEO has mentioned many times that even if a website is updated every day, and the article quality is very good, it will not be ranked immediately.

Two: The weight will change, and it is impossible to keep it in a certain state for a long time . If the website is not maintained well, the weight will drop. Even if the weight is very high, it will gradually decrease until the weight is lost, just like the website The PR value of today is 3, which is not equal to the PR value of tomorrow or 3. If the website’s traffic continues to decline, the website’s PR value will also decrease.

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