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Why use com domain name

Why use the com domain name, is the com domain name weighted higher?

Of course not. Some people say that the com domain name has a high weight, some say that the cn domain name has a high weight, and some say that the org domain name has a high weight, and they all give their own reasons, but these reasons cannot be true reasons. In fact, each domain name The weights are the same. Before the website is established, no matter whether it is a com domain name or a cn domain name, there is no weight.

Since there is no weight, why should we promote the use of com domain name, the main reason is: the recognition of com domain name is the highest, the so-called recognition is the meaning of popularity, in all domain names com domain name is the most popular , Of course, became the preferred domain name of the webmaster. Therefore, the com domain name we see is also the most used.

com is the most popular domain name, I found that when choosing a domain name:. the WWW duanwenjie .com can be used , naturally enabled the domain name, but that does not mean that we must choose com domain name. If: www.duanwenjie.com has already been registered, then I should use a domain name like: duanwenjie123#com, or another domain name with a suffix.

If the com domain name has been registered, the best way is to replace a relatively popular domain name suffix, use cn domain name, net domain name, org domain name, etc. If the com domain name I use has already been registered, I will directly enable: net domain name, Or a cn domain name without registering a com domain name like dwjseo#com or duanwenjieseo#com.

The com domain name is indeed the most popular domain name and the most used domain name. Because of the high popularity of the com domain name, everyone is scrambling to use the com domain name, but this does not prove that the com domain name is the only choice. Please don’t drop it. In the trap, any domain name has the same weight. If there is no suitable com domain name, other popular domain names are also possible.

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