2021 US Benefits Trend Report & Webinar

If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that exceptional results are more likely when we don’t have to go it alone.

NFP’s 2021 US Benefits Trend Report was created to help your business overcome challenges and realize better outcomes. Through a look at employee benefits trends and perspectives from our experts, we’ve developed actionable insights to help employers like you go further to support employee needs.

It’s time to embrace the change around us (as overwhelming as it can be).

Our take on trends

While the pandemic exposed gaps, it also highlighted opportunities. Your organization has many options as you work to support employees, reduce cost, elevate productivity and advance your position as an employer of choice.

Meaningful progress takes commitment, strategy, communication and sound execution. This is especially true with tight budgets, lingering uncertainty and the pressure of competing for talent. This trend report is a first step toward achieving better outcomes for your organization and your employees, and our webinar is your opportunity to get the insight you need.

Download the Trend Report

Our 2021 US Benefits Trend Report is now available! Click or tap here to download the report.



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