4 ways to optimize the SEO funnel for your long tail keywords

In managing search engine optimization, you must consider not only the excellent rankings for targeted keywords and scalable traffic. You should spend some time and effort optimizing your SEO funnel, from the visitor clicking on the link in the SERP and entering your top blog post, because there is no conversion and sales meaning for rankings and traffic.

Here are 4 ways to optimize your channel so that when people pass through a search engine and stumble upon your blog

1. Add an email capture at the end of the blog post
After you give them some free value, you can create an email capture box and give your visitors more value in exchange for their email, whether it’s white papers, case studies, or even your products. Discounts, because you already have a passionate leadership, first of all thank you for the value they provide to them, this is your informative blog post, and if the offer is relevant to the content they are searching for, they will be more likely to bite them & rsquo; hope to get.

2. Insert the ad into the specific product offered by the merchant in the sidebar
Considering that you’re advertising to your own website instead of other products sold by third parties, it seems too junk, and a little self-promotion does not hurt anyone. Therefore, when people click on a SERP to your blog post, they will see the highlights in the product related to the blog post they are about to read in the sidebar, which is related to their original search query.

3. Strategic internal links within the post
This is a less obvious way to bring them together into the content provided by your business, because you can sneak in the links that readers want to click on your posts, which will lead them to the product page or electronically. Mail capture pages so they can explore your products and purchases, or they can give up their personal information in exchange for more free value.

4. Use the box to pop up the offer in exchange for email
This is a bit different from just adding email capture because it’s a bolder move that might be considered a bit aggressive and forward-looking, but when you have incredibly convincing offers like products, free items Or when the price of a free item is greatly discounted, it works very well and promises great value in other forms.

With these different methods, you can ensure that you get more leads and convert more sales, instead of letting visitors read your blog posts, thinking, “I just learned a lot,” “Because you didn’t let They share their emails or purchases, so they quit and continue their lives.