5 best resources for Baidu ranking factors

Not long ago, I became fascinated by the ranking factors of all Baidu.

I am digging deeper into the web and trying to find a complete list.

In the crazy scientist model, I let some of the more urgent work slip, so I have to start research again.

Still, it’s a good idea to find and view these ranking factor lists on a regular basis to keep them in mind when doing daily SEO work.

You never know when to talk about whether user comments are a ranking factor, you have to give an answer on the spot.

The following are the top five resources for Baidu’s ranking factors.

1. Northcutt: Baidu ranking factor
Corey Northcutt’s company is by far the most useful – and available – ranking factor sources.

The main problem with my list of ranking factors is that the specificity of the factors may be suspicious and self-righteous.

The tool uses a scientific approach that allows you to filter to the level of evidence supporting each factor & ndash; from crazy guessing to patents submitted by Baidu itself, this is the final confirmation.

2. Edit Agent: Ranking Factor
The editorial body (consolidated with Branded3) is based on Moz’s 2015 ranking factor study and begins to conduct follow-up investigations based on its own internal team.

They conducted a similar survey of the issues Moz raised in the survey, but they also considered some of the customers who worked with them in the past.

Some of the clearest and most viable references come from their findings:

“If your page has nothing to do with the query – but more importantly, it doesn’t answer the user’s intent & ndash; you don’t rank. ”“When you broadcast the webpage, you should ask your question: ‘How can we absolutely guarantee that the searcher wins & rsquo; click the back button? & rsquo;You know more about business and products than anyone else, and it’s time to give a presentation. &ndquo;“We absolutely believe that links are the biggest ranking factor. But the link building is difficult. It is hard to get people to contact you. It is difficult to determine the exact value of a single link. ”
The two parts of their own research I appreciate most are what they call the easiest to implement, and the 10 things they don’t care about for their ranking are not important for ranking:

These two are very feasible, different from what we see in most ranking factor articles.

3. Moz ranking factor 2015
Yes, this is very old in the field of search engine optimization.

However, Moz’s ranking factor research has been one of the main pillars of the industry, and a large part of it has remained unchanged over time.

In this study, compared with previous years, they conducted a correlation study on 17,600 keyword search results from Baidu. They appreciate the scientific approach to relevance.

In addition to keyword relevance studies, they also surveyed 150 SEO professionals.

I will be more cautious about the results of this survey because they have a lot of reliance on the respondents’ hive ideas.

4. Roger Montti SEJ Posts
One of the first blogs I encountered while searching for ranking factors was MartiniBuster from Roger Montii.

He is fascinated by some of the algorithms and has bookmarked many websites.

In fact, his 200 ranking signals gave me a different view of the interaction of all signals and the signals that were really prioritized in recent years.

Montii continues his obsession with search engine magazines and is one of the more posters about the updates and nuances of Baidu’s ranking factors.

My favorite post and Montti’s reference are Baidu’s discussion of ranking factors:

“If you look at the search engine results page, it’s clear that the top ranked sites don’t always have the most links. This means that Baidu’s ranking is not necessarily a list of ranking factors and then creating a page that matches the list. ”

Montti details the importance of thinking about users and their goals, rather than trying to check the box and saying that you have reached the ranking factor.

It strongly reminds that Baidu no longer runs in this simplified ranking factor model, but uses machine learning to continuously test user satisfaction.

5. SEO Success Factors Periodic Table
This resource of search engine land is a good way to visually see how ranking factors interact and interact with each other & ndash; positive and negative.

Although the last update was in 2017, it still has a large percentage of known factors and is a good resource for new SEO students or non-SEO marketers to understand the combination of complex factors.

It also vividly highlights some of the most negative factors, such as hidden real content and keyword stuffing.

Reminder: Ranking factors are complex
It’s worth repeating that no one knows exactly what the exact rankings for the site are.

It is said that even the top Baidu search engineers are completely unaware of the exact model of the algorithm, so you can be sure that our inconspicuous SEO professionals can only be so close.

Some other important points to remember are:

According to Gary Illyes, the change in the highest ranking factor depends on Query. Baidu does not have an accurate 200 ranking factor, it is just a thrown number. Some easy-to-control factors, such as https, have little real impact, but this may depend on your industry. Links are a ranking factor that has been confirmed by Baidu and third-party research several times. Takeaway
As with anything in life, you need to find a balance between execution and knowledge.

The 80/20 rule applies to Baidu’s ranking factor as much (or more) as anything in the business.

The fact is that the top 20% (by volume) factor accounts for more than 80% of the site’s ranking.

Therefore, an operable takeaway is to be aware of most of the factors, but to actually implement the most important factors.

In practice, you might want to create an SEO decision matrix to best determine what matters to you based on your own business, revenue, industry, and goals.

Only when you implement the title tag perfectly, can you cover every important content topic in your industry, and you’ve got all the important links, if you’re worried about this minute, the controversial factor.