5 strategies for corporate SEO strategies to work

We all know that SEO has indeed changed a lot in the past few years. With the advancement of algorithms and the introduction of machine learning, SEO has become more and more difficult to perfect.

We’ve compiled top-level SEO strategies and strategies that are still valid and help you succeed. Let’s explore!

Eye-catching distance
An old and kind person. Targeting keywords ranked within amazing distances (ie, keywords ranked 11 to 20) is an unresolved outcome and provides a quick win to improve your performance.

The process of finding compelling distance keywords is easy:

Enter your domain name in Ahrefs. Go to the organic keyword and click on the tag (ie US, or you are targeting). Click on the location and enter 11 to 20 and filter out the top keywords. Why do brands want to do this?
It’s easier to move keywords near the first page to the first page. Targeting amazing keywords is the easiest way to find the best opportunity.

Benefits increase traffic. Potential lift in the conversion. Better visibility. result
By shifting the keyword from the 11th to the 6th, we increased the keyword for a hotel customer by 15% in three months.

By optimizing the title, content, building links, and getting social recognition for the landing pages that rank these keywords, you can increase your visibility to the first page and eventually into one of the top three positions.

Once your customers or your site enter the top 3, the site will have more incremental traffic and conversions, and will be more visible in the highly competitive SERP.

2. Content expansion
Once you find the top keywords and your site is relevant to these keywords, you can extend the current content to meet the end user’s intent and make it more relevant and useful to your users.

This is especially important if you have thin pages or blank pages (pages with little or no content).

The process of finding a streamlined page and expanding content is very simple.

Enter your domain in DeepCrawl. Go to the Content section and click Content > Body Content > Skinny Page. Grab the URL and paste it into Ahrefs to see the keywords in the page rank and find the location. If keywords are ranked and relevant and important in amazing distances, check the page and expand the content to cover more topics, answer more questions, and more. Why brands should do this
Baidu is now looking for sites with low quality or thin content through a lot of updates.

Brands need to provide users with high quality content.

Content that has no value is neither well ranked nor provides a good experience for the user.

If you want to rank your site, please provide users with useful and meaningful content so they can use and discover useful content.

In other words: stop selling and start helping.

BenefitsGood user experience. Higher domain permissions. Better participation in metrics. Better credibility and more traffic. result
We increased the page traffic of a B2B customer by 25% in 6 months and increased the number of keywords from 1 to 15 from 100 to 1,200 words by expanding the content to cover new topics and increase the content on the page.

Here is an example of a website that has very little content and has received manual actions from Baidu.

There are some simple fixes for cleaning thin pages or blank pages:

Add the noindex meta tag to these pages and block them in the robots.txt file so that Baidu won’t crawl the page. Add high quality, relevant and useful content to the page to meet multiple intents (ie 600 words or more). Delete the page and let the page generate a 404 response code (or 301 redirect it to better related content).3. Content production machine
Content is very important to SEO, especially early content and “consciousness.”

Almost every consumer journey begins with a question and information (non-transaction) search.

If brands and agents want to succeed and win SERPs, they must continue to develop high-quality content based on the intent of all stages of the user journey.

Most SEO professionals will run out if they haven’t done what they have done for their customers for years, but you can never stop developing content.

Blogging is a great way to add content to capture even early to mid-term deals.

Most people ask what they should create.


All types.

Let’s stop treating content as text only. Content can also be in the form of images and videos. The video content and answer box are the perfect content type.

Let us look at an example: [How to plant grass seeds].

The video and answer boxes nicely mask this intent and occupy the main real estate.

People always ask, “What is better, shorter form or longer form?” “Long format content is defined as content that exceeds 1,000-1,200 words.)

Many related research supports the view that long form content performs best in SERP. Users can use longer content to get more value.

However, this can also be effective if the content you create is short, resourceful and meets or provides value to the user and his or her intentions.

Depending on your audience, it’s a good idea to test and see which content is right for your users to give them the best experience.

Finally, when creating content, we need to stop thinking that we need to create content that targets one or two keywords. You may be related to certain topics and keywords based on the user’s search intent, or you are not.

We need to create something with the following content:

Write a response to the user’s content & rsquo; question. Create unique, specific, high quality and original content to provide a good experience for users. View and analyze the competitive landscape of any topic or query. Determine the level of content quality you need to rank in your search and reach your target audience as a guide to what you’re looking for. Create compelling content by adding images, facts or lists. Useful and informative. Create content that users will benefit from. For example, if they have a problem, the content will help them solve the problem through the product or the answer. Answer box optimization
There is an answer box strategy that is the holy grail of search.

The answer box is not only tied to the answer to the voice search, but also appears before the organic result, which gives you maximum exposure and traffic by ranking 0.

How to rank in the answer box of Baidu & rsquo
To get the answer box result, you must be:

Solve user problems; first query in the content, especially in H1. Then optimize the answer in the user’s preferred format.
Does your content respond directly to users & rsquo; queries about this topic? If not, please update your content to make sure it answers the user’s question.

You can use tools like SEMrush to see if there is an answer box currently displayed for your query. Be sure to use lists, tables, and paragraphs with the correct markup.

The prompt displayed in the answer box already has the keyword keyword in the answer box. Clear, fast, and answer questions within 100 words. Make sure that you use useful facts and accurate information that users will find. Included in the numbered list, table or graphs.Don does not provide all the information. Give users reason to want to visit your website for more information. Internal and external external links
Most SEO experts have forgotten the power of internal links.

If you have pages with related content that can be linked to each other, you should take advantage of it.

Internal links connect your content, giving Baidu and other search engines a better understanding of the structure of your site and finding important pages that provide more value.

The benefit of an internal link is that you can control which pages it links to, and you can control the anchor text that links to another page.

Getting links from highly authoritative external websites and related websites is still important to improve your organic performance, but as always, continue to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Also, be sure to use social ads to distribute your content in order to get higher quality links and endorsements for your content.

to sum up
Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent, and the ranking war on page 1 is becoming more competitive.

But with the right strategies and strategies, you can reach the top of the search engine in time.

While there are more strategies and strategies (for example, page speed optimization) that can improve your organic performance not mentioned in this article, these strategies and strategies are still based on my experience working with corporate brands.