6 old school SEO habits never get older

From the dawn of SEO, there are many practices that are still useful. These are the old school strategies and habits that successful affiliates use to help their sites rank better, help them earn more and prevent them from being banned. I want to share some of these practices because they are still useful.

One of the most important habits of the old school SEO is discretion. Don’t talk about your website publicly. Although the temptation to brag and talk about success is great, it is not. done.

Many people have realized that boasting their own success can lead to competition and sometimes even destruction. The most reliable way to lose money is to talk about all the money your niche earns for you.

I remember having dinner with a group of branches during the meeting. One person brags about how his business helped him buy a ranch and pay for his three children’s private schools. Someone at the table is his competitor. When the competitor returns home, he takes the business of the person he knows and uses it to deal with him. Finally, I heard that competitors successfully banned this person’s website in Baidu.

People always understand that no one is talking about specific details, even between friends. This is what I am still doing today.

2. Hide your website
Try to make it easy for search engines or competitors to connect to all the websites you own. And never boast about a strategy of how to link to it through public blogs or social media.

Many years ago, a popular search guru learned a lot of difficulties. He links to one of his websites through a blog post to illustrate its ranking in a certain strategy. Baidu looked at it and banned the site within a few days.

3. Don’t share links between websites
Whether you’re practicing aggressive search engine optimization or following the rules, it’s best not to share links between sites or between sites.

This is not uncommon for low-quality sites that share links with your own site to connect to the site. Keeping link separation is a best practice, so if a site is running, it won’t drag the rest of the site.

Even if you follow the rules, if someone else is using awkward SEO and your site is accidentally involved, it could jeopardize other sites that are linked to a dangerous site.

Keep all sites separate so they don’t share the same inbound links, helping to prevent them from being pulled down at the same time.

4. Cut download speed
In fact, fast download speeds lead to more ad impressions and more sales. It also keeps your site running if it encounters unusual traffic.

Nothing is worse than experiencing a lot of traffic and observing that the server crashes under its weight. I received a link from an important website that caused a lot of traffic, and what surprised me was the extent to which my server handles traffic. This is entirely due to the lightweight nature of the template code.

If you really want to bring your speed to the maximum:

Use minimal templates, don’t use external fonts, don’t use external icons, minimize fancy JavaScript effects, cut, cut, remove extra scripts and plugins
If there is a more efficient solution, please do not use plugins. For example, there is no need to use plugins for security headers. That can be handled with a .htaccess file.

5. Easily link to your website
Make a short file name. What – is the URL of the most M&A transaction with the longest surname page? Keep it short. It fits on one page and it looks great on social media. It is easy to remember. Just because you can fill in ten keywords in the URL doesn’t mean you should do this.

Don’t stop people from making hot links. I don’t know if the hot link counts as a link for the purpose of ranking, I don’t think it is. However, hot linking and sharing pictures from your website is a great way to advertise your website.

6. Ugly selling!
One finding of the old school league is that you simply can’t make your purchase button big enough. Let them grow bigger and let the colors stand out! I remember they said the old forum discussion of Ugly Sells. What they mean is that fancy things can be counterproductive. Making website elements easy to find is a better way to get more out of your website.

Bonus old school habits: Overestimating Baidu’s ability
In the past, buttons spammers and rules company websites quickly overestimated Baidu’s ability to capture spam. I remember that there is a theory that Baidu punishes shopping sites by reading the words “buy now.” Add to the shopping cart button.

Another theory is that Baidu hates affiliate websites. This forces affiliates to create content to hide their attempts to get visitors to click on affiliate links.

If you choose between Baidu’s paranoia and trivial Baidu, you will be better off paranoid. Even if Baidu can’t grab the corner of your shave, it will still make you sloppy. And 邋iness is the main reason why the website loses its ranking. Focus!

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