7 reasons why accessibility benefits SEO and sales

Accessibility is a factor traditionally at the edge of SEO and Web development. It is a reliable business reason why accessibility should be the primary consideration. Accessibility can have a positive impact on sales and SEO.

Accessibility should not be an afterthought
The recent version of WordPress 5.0 brings accessibility issues. Accessibility is addressed by plugins, not the core part of WordPress. This gives the impression that accessibility is seen as an afterthought, not a core requirement.

A member of the WordPress and SEO community in WordPress:

The official announcement raises seven reasons for paying attention to accessibility: accessibility can enhance SEOAccessibility. Everyone working on web development or digital marketing should consider that people with disabilities are consumers who serve the community that their competitors ignore. Leading your niche, you can increase traffic and increase sales accessibility can reduce the jumping rate of the SEO community about accessibility
I asked four members of the search marketing community about combining accessibility issues with SEO and web development. This is what they said:

Jenny Haraz @jennyhalasz
It has passed!

The ADA is actively working to develop accessibility requirements for 508 standards for everyone.

Not to mention the accessibility requirements are also very good SEO. For example, a full JS site that the robot cannot crawl will not pass the accessibility test.

I should say that it may not pass all tests …

Alan Bleiwess is a top website audit professional. He said accessibility is part of his site review checklist.

Alan Bleiweiss @AlanBleiweiss
Accessibility has been integrated into most of my site audit work. Since I have conducted a broad overall strategic audit, I am not focused on a full range of accessibility considerations. However, I asked my assistant to run the WCAG conformance test on a sample of the page template type, and I also saw how these templates were done in Baidu’s accessibility-specific beacon test.

One way to get more attention from the search industry is that the common problem specific to SEO is accessibility. For example, missing or worded incorrect image substitution attributes. Several accessibility requirements directly improve the overall SEO at the code level.

If SEO, designers and & developers are reluctant to respect the needs of the visually impaired, or anyone relying on screen readers that are not like top-quality visual web browsers, there are other litigation threats & ndash; Every year, more websites and companies are sued.

Julie Joyce @JulieJoyce
Since my neighbor is blind, I have a very strong accessibility. He took me to his workplace to see how other blind users are browsing the web. To my surprise, how many website codes are poorly coded for visually impaired users.

This made me really aware of the importance of correct image alt attributes and simple navigation. In North Carolina alone, an estimated 269,600 people have visual impairments in 2016.

They also use the web, and when people think about how to deal with their website, I am tired of them. Of course we need to pay attention to them.

I mean blind people still need products and services, and want to read articles and news.

Dave Davis @beanstalkim
I asked Dave Davies, a webcast podcast, if I have time to visit the forefront of web development and search engine optimization. His answer involves practical issues with additional costs.

This is his answer:

In the case of SEO audits – instinctive of course I want to say & lsquo; is & rsquo; because this is the correct statement, but as a marketer and a person who deals with customers with limited budgets I have to say & ldquo;may & rsquo; .

For some companies, it will apply. For others, it may not. If we can simply say & lsquo; is & rsquo; that would be great. It doesn’t cost more, but it will, we need to respect things that maximize the return on investment of our customers. This is what they hire us to do.

All this makes me think that I rarely stop to consider accessibility. In addition to knowing that a website has an older demographic, we should make the text large enough and easy to read, and I rarely stop to consider other people having other accessibility needs.

Although we are happy to say that all of our customers will incur extra costs to ensure their positive experience, because this is the right approach, but if we all remember it instead of the afterthought, then most people will not do.

I suspect that a good case can be regular, if we are a well done website & ndash; then we will not only get a good feeling, but also get a part of the default market, because we are the only market that can serve normally.

It won’t be universally applicable to – but it works for more things than the current service.

Of course, for people with accessibility needs, how long does it take for Baidu to access accessible sites and data sources? It may not be long.

Especially for the blind, we must remember that they basically use voice search. I have a blind friend/neighbor. It’s interesting to watch how he uses the computer. For a – he can touch his computer almost anywhere, with his wireless keyboard, to make himself feel comfortable.

Accessibility and online success
As a search marketer, we all want to compress the extra 1% conversion rate, increase the bounce rate by a few percent, and reduce the image file size by kilobytes. The spell is very important every bit.

But when it comes to accessibility, why do we behave as if we were asked to take out garbage and hellip; in the rain?

Every little bit is important. Every benefit, no matter how important.

I speak to myself more than anyone else, because it is an area I can improve.

Look at the benefits:

Accessibility can gain a ranking advantage by replacing text and other features. Accessibility can reduce bounce rates. Accessibility can increase sales. Accessibility can increase the popularity of your site among people you ignore by your competitors
When it comes to online marketing, everything I do has a practical reason to try it. I don’t do things because they make me feel good. I do this because it is a business and the business is making money. Focusing on accessibility is about increasing sales.