About 281,000 coronavirus patients recover in Pakistan

About 281,000 corona virus patients recover in Pakistan

Cases of the deadly coronavirus, which has affected millions of people worldwide and killed millions, are dwindling in Pakistan.

The total number of cases in the country has reached 296,149 out of which 280,970 have recovered while 6,298 have died.

According to official figures, as of this morning (September 1), 216 new cases and 4 deaths have been reported in the country, while 288 patients have recovered, including 121 cases from the previous day in Sindh.

The global epidemic has entered its 7th month in the country and during the last 6 months, the nation has faced various stages due to this virus.

Since the first case of corona virus in Pakistan on February 26, 2020, the closure of educational institutions and various economic sanctions have been imposed, which have been reduced over time and in August the economic sanctions in the country were almost lifted.

However, the closure of educational institutions is still in place and a final decision will be made on September 7.

If you look at these 6 months in the country, the month of June was the most worrying regarding the virus where 6,000 cases and more than 100 deaths were reported daily.

However, the situation began to improve in July and improved further in August.

Today (September 1) the situation of corona virus in the country is something like this.

In Sindh province, which has the highest number of cases in the country, the August 31 figures came out on December 1.

According to the official portal, 121 more people were diagnosed with the virus in Sindh while 2 people died.

Thus, the total number of cases in the province reached 129,469 while the death toll reached 2,403.

In Punjab, the country’s largest province by population, the epidemic affected another 63 people.

According to official figures, the total number of cases has risen to 96,832 in the last 24 hours after these 63 new patients.

In addition, the death toll of one person brought the total number of deaths to 2,199.

Islam Abad
Another 24 cases of corona virus were confirmed in the federal capital Islamabad.

According to statistics, after these new patients, the total number of cases there was 15,649.

Seven more cases of corona virus were reported in Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to the data of last 24 hours, after confirmation of 7 more patients in Gilgit, the number of cases there reached 2,903.

Free Kashmir
A new case of corona virus and a new death have been confirmed in Azad Kashmir, the least affected part of Pakistan.

According to official statistics, a total of 2,299 cases were reported in Azad Kashmir due to one person being affected.

Another death brought the death toll to 63.

Healthy people
The number of people recovering from the corona virus is increasing in the country.

In the last 24 hours, another 288 patients have recovered from the virus, according to official figures.

Thus far, the total number of healers has reached 280,970, which is about 95% of the total cases.

Overall situation
If we look at the overall situation in the country after the increase in the number of cases of epidemics, deaths and recovery in the country, it is as follows:

Certified Cases: 296149

Dead: 6298

Recovery: 280970

Active cases: 8881

The provinces most affected by the virus in the country are Sindh and Punjab. The total number of infected people in Sindh province is 129,469 while the number in Punjab has reached 96,832.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 36,118 people have been infected with the corona virus, while in Balochistan, the number of infected people is 12,879.

In addition, 15,649 people have been affected in the federal capital Islamabad, 2,903 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 2,299 in Kashmir.

Death situation in the country

Sindh: 2403

Punjab: 2199

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 1250

Balochistan: 141

Islamabad: 175

Free Kashmir: 63

Gilgit-Baltistan: 67