about ice bucket algorithm 5.0

Regarding the ice cube algorithm, Baidu has only 5.0 in the ice algorithm that was just launched a few days ago. Focusing on the current user experience of mobile search, the recent Baidu algorithm focuses on the user experience of this segment. It is also the performance of standard webmasters in mobile stations. Helping webmasters can also help search engines get a higher level of experience.

This algorithm update is based primarily on the Ice Bucket 4.0 algorithm, which covers various functional issues and application violations in search engines. Filter and limit the problem. The main issues are as follows.

1: The speed at which the website opens, even if the first screen loads within 1.5 seconds. Previously, the entire station was on for 3 seconds. More suitable for user applications.

2: The design aspect is mainly to make the font size not less than 10pt is 13px.

3: The content ratio of the first screen is Baidu. I hope that your website can solve most problems on the first screen.

4: The corresponding website must have a corresponding independent mobile website, otherwise it will be adaptable. It is recommended to manage a separate standalone mobile website to facilitate website optimization.

5: It is forbidden to suspend advertisements, pop-up advertisements, secret advertisements, advertisement overlay advertisements, automatic advertisements, prohibit vulgar content, mandatory application downloads, etc.