Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

When starting an SEO agent for the first time, it is difficult to determine if you want to be:

A general agency that is willing to accept any customer who needs your service. Professional institutions focus on a specific niche market, or a few niche markets.
Both can achieve considerable success, but where it fits the spectrum depends entirely on you and your goals, and based on your personal experience.

Advantages of niche SEO
When you target everyone, it’s hard to say no to any project.

After all, you make money in search engine optimization because you have your own bills to pay, and your mouth is going to feed.

This can easily lead to taking too many projects and making the agency too fragmented.

When you choose a particular market, you can and will not say to customers who are not outside of these areas. It gives you clarity and focus, making it easier for you to grow and expand your business.

Expertise & Expertise
You know the niche market very well, or you won’t advertise it for SEO services and not others.

Your insider knowledge of the industry itself makes it easier for customers to be impressed and partners want to better understand their business.

This alone can be distinguished from competitors.

As long as you are able to provide services to your customers & rsquo; expect & ndash; you can, if you promise to be insufficient and over-invested & ndash; you will be called source rather than source.

Easier to use contributors
It can help when working with a contributor, and the writer at least sounds like an industry expert when making a copy of the web page, selling a copy, etc.

Of course, writing an article about an industry you know nothing about can be done, but when your team knows that only those who are familiar with the industry know it, that expertise will certainly appeal to the audience and speak to them.

Improved customer retention
It also makes it easier for customers to keep, because when you focus on something, you’ve got everything you need to back up your results.

In SEO, when you get your customer results & ndash; you not only have to develop your business, but also develop their business.

With focused positioning, your own marketing becomes easier because you can focus more on placing your content and brand more often than you want, rather than spreading it as widely as possible.

You will be able to build stronger, stronger relationships that have a long way to go to help your agents grow.

Reduce agent competition
In theory, you are competing with every SEO agent there & ndash; at least in all parts of your area.

However, when your target customer wants an agent that focuses on a particular niche, you suddenly only compete with agents that focus on this niche.

Why compete with more companies?

Niche SEO’s shortcomings
Focusing your energy on a specific niche market means you will get a fairly near-sighted SEO perspective.

Yes, you can read about how to do SEO and work in other niche markets, just like you are doing now, but this is definitely an industry, you will get yours by doing this instead of reading Most of the knowledge.

What you learn from the next campaign always delivers value.

Working in the same niche market means that you don’t really understand what is generally useful for SEO, which can cause problems for macro solutions.

Specialization means you won’t get multiple niche experiences, which helps create a strong campaign.

Tunnel vision
If all you do is work with an accountant, you may not be able to see the overall problem in the financial search engine results page.

If your niche is affected by the change, you won’t be able to handle it.

All the features of the site on the same structure
In the end, the website is a website. At least from a structural point of view.

Like image alt tags, title tags, correct meta descriptions and clean, lean code, no matter which niche you want to serve, it will be the same.

Your page search engine optimization work always targets the same factors.

More competition sometimes means more challenging
By the general method, it is easy to have similarities between the niches that are converted from one to the other. You find that things that apply to a niche market are easily modified to work well in another market.

By general methods, you may find yourself working in a highly competitive market, which requires you to do your best to challenge you to maintain your skills.

By the general approach, you won’t limit your target market to just one type of business.

Which one is right for your agent?
In the end, you are the only one who can make a decision.

Because each method has its pros and cons, you must consider what you think is appropriate for your knowledge and skills.

If you feel more comfortable with the general method, then there is definitely nothing wrong with it. If you have knowledge and expertise in one or two key areas, you can try it out and see what happens.

That’s not to say that you have no competition in your field of expertise because there are many companies that focus on the automotive market, dental marketing, international search engine optimization, legal marketing and more.

The key is to join them, understand how you differ from them, and let it serve you.