American collector of gaming PCs has developed a ventilator (VIDEO)

American collector of gaming PCs has developed a ventilator (VIDEO)

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Gaming computer assembly company Maingear, an American company, has developed an artificial lung ventilation (IVL) device and expects to arrange the delivery of such devices to New York hospitals, which are experiencing a shortage of ventilation devices in the context of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. If necessary, Maingear are ready to scale up production in order to supply their ventilators to the United States.

The demo video says that the Maingear LIV device was developed in a short time with the participation of specialists in the field of medical equipment. Like Tesla engineers , Maingear LIV developers actively used standard components for their production when creating the device. At the same time, the company notes that the production of such a device will cost $ 7.5 thousand per unit, while conventional ventilators can cost more than $ 50 thousand, writes The Verge .

Maingear expects that they will be able to start supplying their ventilators in two weeks. The company is now awaiting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the production of devices.

The head of Maingear, Wallace Santos, told The Verge that the developers expect to improve the software used to control the device so that doctors can monitor the device and change settings remotely.

According to the latest data, about 1.45 million cases of a new type of coronavirus are registered in the world. The leaders in the number of cases identified are the United States (400 thousand cases), Spain (146.7 thousand cases), Italy (135.6 thousand cases) and France (110 thousand cases). In total, 83.6 thousand people died from coronavirus, and 308.6 thousand patients were cured. In Russia, officially there are 8672 infected with coronavirus, 63 dead and 580 recovered.

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