Amir Liaqat faces criticism for sharing video on rain

Amir Liaqat faces criticism for sharing video on rain

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) National Assembly member and prominent anchor Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain shared a video after heavy rains in Karachi on which he is being severely criticized.

The video shows Amir Liaquat Hussain allegedly searching for money underwater in the dark last night.

He lamented the condition of Karachi after the rains and said that he had come here to meet the children but it happened.

He wrote in the text on the video that I went out to get food for the children and myself and the money also drowned in Bhutto’s water, brothers.

He said that the old furniture market in the nursery of my hard working people has disappeared, he came here from home to the children, what can he bring food for those who have not cooked food, I am trembling thinking of them, may Allah have mercy on them. ۔

Aamir Liaquat faced public criticism over the video and people accused him of making fun of the poor.

Dr. GM Khoso wrote that everything sank but the shooting from Kerry did not make any difference. Does the nation still believe in dramas?

One person has written that Aamir Bhai should help those who are drowning instead of drowning.

Amir Liaqat shared a video of himself today in which he wrote that Ittehad Commercial has no personnel and 3 days later due to the efforts of Imran Ismail the electricity came but the water is standing in protest.

“I can’t say Jee Bhutto because the water is alive, Bhutto doesn’t know,” he said in the video.

“My motorbike is bad, but I have sent four water tankers to the Lions area to draw water,” he said.

He showed footage of water in every 100 ankles in the video and said that this is the situation despite falling for four days.

It should be noted that due to heavy rains in Karachi this month, especially this week, many areas of the city were inundated.

The 89-year-old record of rainfall was broken in Karachi this year and more than 500 mm of rain was recorded in the city.

Due to the deteriorating drainage situation after the rains, most parts of the city began to look like canals and vehicles were submerged in water in several places.

More than 30 people have so far lost their lives in rain-related accidents, while power has not been restored in many areas.