Analysis of website mobile optimization

Analysis of website mobile optimization

Now, with the increasing popularity of mobile 4G, the number of users watching through the mobile has increased, so it is impossible to focus on computer optimization as before, but to focus on optimizing mobile terminals. However, many people do not understand mobile terminals. After all, there is a difference between the two. If you use hard mobile settings, the effect is not ideal, so here I want to talk about the optimization of mobile websites, everyone knows it.

1. Geographic search problem

The first thing to talk about is the geo-search problem, because many users don’t really use it. Add the name of the zone before the related product. For example, toys, in general, people will play their toys directly, and will not add their own areas to the front. Therefore, when optimizing, consider the geographical attributes and use various methods to calculate the city where the character is located.

2. Adapt to the problem of the mobile terminal

In fact, the difference between mobile and PC is the experience of browsing the website. It is not suitable for mobile phones, so the experience is often poor when watching. While some browsers also have the ability to automatically modify typography, there is absolutely no website that can be specifically designed for mobile viewing.
The first two points are what I think should be taken care of when optimizing mobile terminals. Today, with the popularity of 4G mobile phones, optimization of mobile terminals is also an aspect that should be paid attention to, and mobile devices have been used in recent years. The number of people looking for has gradually surpassed that of the PC, so it is necessary to optimize the staff to correct the way they work in a timely manner.