Application for Inter District Transfer


The Principal, Secretary To The PM Of Pakistan,

Subject:     Application for Inter Distt Transfer from Distt Kohistan to Mardan

    Respected Sir,

    With great reverence and profound of veneration it is stated that, I have been serving as SST (G) BPS (16) in Education Department in Distt Kohistan since 2014. I have been shifted to Distt Mardan along with my family in 2016. I am living in UC Katta Khat Mardan along with my family. Up to now, I have fulfilled my duties and responsibilities efficiently and punctually.

    But now it is difficult for me to carry on my service as previous due to the illness of my father. My father is Sugar and Heart serious patient. Three times in a month, I have to take him for medical checkup beside. It he has need keen care at home. I am the sole one in my family to take care of him at home and take him to hospital for check up. So in such conditions it is difficult for me to perform my duty in Distt Kohistan.

Therefore it is requested in your kind honor that kindly do something special for my inter Distt transfer that, I may fulfill my duties and responsibilities efficiently along with my father’s taking care.

    I hope you will give due consideration to my humble request in your earlier.

Yours Faithfully,

You’re Name (G) BPS-16

Distt Kohistan