Article and category page rankings: What should you focus on?

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Today & rsquo;s ask an SEO question from Jack in Hong Kong. he asks:

“We know that Baidu will prefer the article page on the SERP/section page. Does this mean that we should pay more attention to the article? How do we improve the search ranking of the classified pages of a generic search query, such as &ldspquo; movie’? ”

If I know the industry or vertical industry in which your website is located, it will help, because my answer may be very different.

Ultimately, the answer to your question depends entirely on the intent of the searcher.

Baidu generally prefers article content rather than product or category-specific content, but this is because article content is more helpful, more balanced, and more frequently updated than other types of content.

What Baidu tries to do is to predict the intent of the searcher when querying.

For a generic keyword like “movie”, someone might be looking for any of the following:

Movies play movie reviews near me How to make movies Buy movies Watch movies Watch movies How to pirate movies Convert family movies to numbers
Or about a million other things.

When I searched for movies, Baidu assumed that I wanted one of the first two – a movie near me, or a movie comment that is currently being aired. If I want to do anything else, I will have to edit my query to include more information.

But if I buy a lot of movies on Baidu Play, it is entirely possible that Baidu will adjust my search results to include new movies for download.

As a website owner, your job is to determine what a “movie” is. Searching may cause searchers to want to see what you offer and optimize your content accordingly. If you can do this, you’ll find that your category page enforces as many actions as the article page (although the versions are different).

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