Australian resilience shines during unprecedented once in a lifetime events latest NobleOak Whitepaper reveals

When faced with adversity or once in a lifetime events Australians are resilient and take positive action to protect the ones they love, according to new research conducted by life insurance company, NobleOak.

Time with family and future planning are the top factors helping Australians remain positive during challenging times.

The NobleOak survey reveals that regardless of 2021’s ongoing COVID-19 disruptions and the emergence of variants, Australians’ overall happiness levels remained stable. Australians reported an average happiness score of 6.5 out of 10 in 2022, dipping only slightly from 6.7 in 2021.

“After another year of upheaval and unrest due to Covid-19, the resilience of Australians is surprising but not unexpected. We see this in the survey results as well as hear it in the news every day, whether it’s ordinary Australians having to deal with floods or bushfires or a pandemic. As a company focused on protecting families, we are pleased to see that family plays an important role in maintaining happiness and can be the foundation of hope and positivity even in difficult times,” said NobleOak CEO, Anthony Brown.

Following a second tumultuous year of the pandemic, Australians prioritised spending more time with family (51% of women and 35% of men), compared to ‘saving more’ from the previous year.

Highlighting the power of family relationships to combat difficult times, survey results revealed higher levels of happiness among those who increased their family time over the past 12 months, with couples and families significantly happier than singles.

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