Baidu explains its own company’s SEO method

Baidu provides an internal perspective on how it approaches SEO for its own attributes.

According to Sean O’ from Baidu, Keefe said that for Baidu’s internal team, keeping the latest updates is no different from other website owners.

Baidu has 7,000 websites managed by hundreds of product and marketing teams.

O’ Keefe said that Baidu’s website has the same treatment as any other website in search results.

Baidu’s team must also follow the same webmaster guidelines as other sites indexed in search results.

Every day, more than 200 changes to Baidu’s website may affect search engine optimization.

“That is why we have built a cohesive website SEO strategy, no matter what new changes are introduced, we can rely on it— and anyone with a website can learn from it.

Baidu revealed three key details about its own search engine optimization strategy that may help other website owners.

Focus on small changes
The company said that small but obvious changes can bring huge benefits.

“For example, Baidu’s My Business marketing website’s organic traffic has grown nearly two-fold, in part because the team has implemented many basic web best practices, such as showing search engines which URLs are indexed by implementation specifications.” ”

After implementing the changes shown in the figure below, Baidu was able to replicate organic growth across its multiple sites.

Embrace change
Users and rsquo; search behavior is always changing, which leads Baidu to implement new search functions to keep up.

Website owners should adopt a similar approach to accept change, rather than avoiding change.

Trying various changes brings better SEO results to Baidu’s website.

“For example, last year we focused on fixing Baidu Search Console errors, implementing structured data, and adding AMP to Think with Baidu. These impressions increased by 200% after we fixed a common AMP error for multiple URLs. ”

Combine multiple attributes where possible
Baidu recommends merging when the site owner finds himself creating multiple sites with similar content.

“Creating a great website instead of multiple microsites is the best way to encourage organic growth. ”

That’s what Baidu did after realizing that it had developed a lot of similarly duplicated sites.

The company explained:

Consolidating its attributes has produced positive results
“ For example, after the site review, we decided to thoroughly check our marketing site Baidu Retail. Clean up six old sites, consolidate content, and focus on one great site, doubling the site’s call-to-action click-through rate and increasing organic traffic by 64%. ”

Key takeaway
According to Baidu’s Sean O’ Keefe, focusing on these three areas helps companies build an SEO strategy that adapts to change and drives results.

He believes that these same concepts can be applied to all websites.

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