Baidu launches Panda 4.0 payday loan 2.0 update

In the past 12 hours, we have confirmed from Baidu that they have launched two web spam updates; Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0. Panda 4.0 was confirmed by Matt Cutts on Twitter, and Payday Loan 2.0 was originally announced through search engine land and later released by Matt.

Baidu has launched our Panda 4.0 update today.

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 20, 2014

Last weekend, we started posting ranking updates for very spam queries:

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 21, 2014

Of course, as with all major algorithmic updates, there is a lot of speculation on weekends as SEOs and marketers from around the world begin to report SERP&squo;s sites for them and their customers. Initially there were rumors that there were updates earlier this week, but Baidu initially rejected any updates on Tuesday, May 13.

Panda 4.0
Panda 4.0 looks like &squo;softer update‘this was first discussed in March, and it has been stated that this update will affect different languages ​​to varying degrees, but in English, the impact is about 7.5% of queries.

Using Baidu’s common algorithm numbering system, it is almost certain that this is a new update to the algorithm, not a data refresh, especially considering that Baidu now refreshes Panda as part of the main algorithm every month. There have been accounts for sites that have previously seen significant recovery from Panda, so it seems that the updates are a bit softer and more generous for the site, especially those that were previously affected.

Payday loan 2.0
Baidu first released their payday loan algorithm in June last year, and it is expected that the second update will continue for some time. This update is designed to specifically target ‘very spam queries’ this is often associated with excessive web spam, primarily payday loans, insurance, and accident claims. You will almost certainly be familiar with the low-quality sites that appear for such queries, and its intent is to prevent this from happening.

The Baidu spokesperson explained in the update:

“We’re starting to introduce new algorithm updates over the weekend. The update is neither a panda nor a penguin & mdash; it is the next generation algorithm launched last summer to query spam. “

Again, this seems to be an international promotion that affects different languages ​​to varying degrees, and English queries are significantly affected by 0.2%.

Have you been affected?
Is your website or any customer’s website affected by these updates? Whether it is positive or negative? Like all updates, there are winners and losers, but sharing your experience with the industry allows everyone to work together and analyze how they affect the trueness of the site.