Baidu saves innocents and is hit by “farmers update”

Editor’s Note: For the latest information on the Baidu Panda algorithm, please see: Baidu Panda Update Complete Guide.

Baidu is under a lot of pressure and needs to be updated to launch a “content factory.” From its index.

Under the enormous pressure of the tech media community, enthusiastic newcomers like Blekko call the company, and Baidu recognizes the increase in the number of spam in its index, the search engine giant must act quickly and effectively.

Their most recent major algorithmic changes, known in the technology community as “farmer updates,” were published at bullet speeds and did a good job of getting rid of mass spam & ndash; but what is the cost?

In any war, some harmful people will be hurt, which seems to include war on spam.

When the update went live, thousands of small sites lost some rankings, some of which lost all SERP visibility. This mainly occurs in blogs and e-commerce communities, but can feel a wide range of impacts.

Baidu researcher Amit Singhal said the company realized some consequences and “no algorithm is 100% accurate.”

But this is not an excuse or an escape hatch. Rather, it’s the way Singhal said, saying the company knows there’s more work to do, and they’ve started plugins, designed to make the algorithm “close to 100%.”

He said that engineers have begun to make these adjustments and build an additional “layer” layer. Based on the farmers’ algorithm.

Although some rumors have indicated that these changes have been made, Baidu has confirmed that any changes that have existed are secondary (part of the “changes made multiple times a day” & quot; Baidu’s algorithms are usually seen); the level they refer to Not yet arrived. In other words: “Innocent” is affected by this update and will be thrown in the near future!