Baidu searched out the new algorithm “Thunderstorm Algorithm”

New news from the search engine optimization industry: Searching for Baidu must first become an algorithm, and often see this kind of news, SEO webmasters’ nervousness will be difficult to calm down, according to the news leak Thunder algorithm will be at the end of November Launched, this method of brushing against clicks improves the deceptive behavior of the website search ranking, thus ensuring the search user experience and promoting the ecological development of the content search.

Thunder algorithm: Regular exit penalty data will punish cheating in click traffic and severely punish websites with penalty records. In severe cases, they will be banned for a long time.

If the site has a lot of unusual traffic during this time, you can report anomalies in the feedback flow. Let’s organize the following web article and recommend the nearby Baidu algorithm.

Baidu large inventory search algorithm

 Lightning algorithm:

The load time of the first screen of the mobile search page will affect the search ranking. The first screen of the mobile web page will open after 2 seconds. Under Mobile Search, you will receive preferential treatment for improved page evaluation and will tend to traffic. At the same time, the page loaded on the first screen of the mobile search page will be very slow (3 seconds or more) will be deleted

Breeze algorithm:

Baidu search launched the breeze algorithm, which aims to severely punish websites to deceive website titles, deceive users and gain clicks; thus ensuring the search user experience and promoting the development of search ecology.

Hurricane algorithm:

Baidu sought to introduce the Hurricane algorithm, which aims to end the main source of site error collection. At the same time, Baidu search will completely eliminate the wrong set of links in the index library, providing more opportunities to view high quality original content and promote the development of search ecology.

 Blue sky algorithm:

For urgent news sources, a clear blue sky, blue sky algorithm appeared; blue sky algorithm mainly used news source website to sell soft text, directory behavior. The penalty for this algorithm is strong in the world. For the problem site, it will be processed from the end of the trace and the end of the screen, and the behavior of selling soft text and directories will never be smooth.

Ice Bucket Algorithm 4.5:

In some bad websites, in order to increase the number of clicks on the radio, the user clicks are caused by erotic images, clear text, gambling, and the like. In order to improve the user experience and guide the industry’s ecological development towards positive and healthy development, Baidu search updated the ice cube algorithm again. The attack releases a webpage that seriously induces advertisements, reducing its rating in the Baidu search system.

Ice Cube Algorithm 4.5 fights pornographic navigation, pornography, plaintext, illegal gambling, and more.

Ice Bucket Algorithm 4.0:

Open the website to view the content, the result will only see full-screen ads, no content, very little user experience, improve the user search experience, create a stable and healthy mobile search ecosystem, the ads on the mobile search results page will be affected in the search for too many Baidu User experience pages, policy adjustments, Ice Cube Algorithm 4.0 will arrive at these sites.

Skynet algorithm:

Some websites steal user information and embed malicious code on the website to steal QQ and Internet users’ mobile phone numbers. As a result, many Internet users mistakenly believe that this is Baidu. To this end, the network search Baidu and Security Baidu jointly developed the Skynet algorithm to combat this malicious behavior.

Ice Bucket Algorithm 3.0:

Based on the client-side principle, mobile search Baidu constantly updates systems and algorithms, all of which give users a smoother search experience. Baidu mobile search upgrade Ice Bucket Algorithm 3.0, version 3.0, severely cracked in Baidu mobile search, interrupting the recovery behavior of users’ complete search path

 APP fraud:

Users in Baidu find in the search that the application is downloaded and incorrectly grouped to download the application, and the site tricks the user in this way and induces the user to download the non-target application. This behavior seriously damages the experience of most search users, Baidu search will seriously undermine this behavior.

Green Rose Algorithm:

The algorithm is primarily against hyperchain intermediaries, selling links and buying links and other superchain trap behaviors. The introduction of this algorithm prevents malicious exchange of links, frees the behavior of the outer chain and purifies the Internet ecosystem.

In general, every new algorithm introduced by Baidu Search is to better serve the public and improve the user search experience. I want webmasters to abide by SEO rules, provide webmasters with a fairer competitive opportunity, focus on optimizing promotions, and promote the benign development of the search ecosystem!