Baidu suggests how SEO can correctly implement lazy loading

Baidu created a document that provides guidance for SEO to implement lazy loading of images and videos.

Lazy loading is a technique that delays loading non-critical or invisible content.

It is considered a best practice, but if it is not implemented correctly, it may hide important content in Baidu.

That’s why Baidu created a help document that explains how to make sure it can crawl and index lazy loaded content.

Baidu’s Martin Splitt said that this is just a glimpse of the first version, and will eventually add more content.

️‍♂️Psst, hey, you … want to see the first version of the SEO document that we have been brewing for lazy people? Here 哟gou:

?? There are more to pay attention! ?

— Martin Splitt @??#SF(@ g33konaut) November 5, 2018

The following is an overview of the content in the help documentation to date.

How to ensure that Baidu can see lazy loaded content
Load content when displaying content in a viewport by using the IntersectionObserver API and polyfill. This will ensure that Baidu views all the content on the page.

Infinite scrolling advice
Support for paged loading when using an infinite scrolling experience.

Paged load can be supported by providing a unique link for each part that users can share and load directly.

Baidu specifically recommends using the History API to update URLs when loading content dynamically.

Test lazy loading
By using the Puppeteer script native test implementation, SEO can ensure that lazy loading works properly.

Baidu provides a script to help with the tests in the documentation. Running the script will require Node.js.

Running the script will create a set of images that can be checked to ensure that all important content is visible and can be indexed via Baidu.

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