Baidu uses its new YouTube series on SEO myths to enhance its content games

Baidu is preparing to launch a new video series on SEO mythology, which is quite different from the previous video.

The “SEO Mythbusting” series will be hosted by Baidu’s Martin Splitt and posted on the Baidu webmaster YouTube channel.

Spreet recently ended a video series on JavaScript search engine optimization, so he won’t waste time doing the next thing.

From the trailer, Baidu has seriously increased the output value of its video content.

Baidu’s previous videos used the same inspirational formula that directly talked directly to the camera.

Frankly, independent video creators make Baidu look like amateurs on the company’s own platform.

Baidu has greatly improved the formula by using multiple camera angles and shooting on scenes that look like sound fields.

Most importantly, there is a discussion between two people for change. Not just the representative of Baidu, but the real SEO from the community, you may even have seen it before.

It is described as an insightful, engaging SEO talk show produced by Baidu.

So, from an aesthetic point of view, this series looks great. Now let’s get into its meat and potatoes.

What topics will be covered?
There are several episodes in the trailer that will be aired. According to my collection, these are some of the topics that will be discussed:

Baidu botJavaScript frameworksApps the best SEO strategy for communication between SEO and developers and more
Baidu does not give much content about each episode now.

What we know is that every episode has a developer and/or a member of the SEO community who talks to Martin Splitt about the misunderstanding of SEO.

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