Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

Twitter’s research and replication SEO strategies were discussed on Twitter. This person studied their competitors and found obvious examples of obvious helpful spam strategies. John Mueller participated in the discussion and gave an answer with a deep insight into the research of competitors.

This is the original question on Twitter.

“Does SEO be punished for just changing the city by copying the local service page?

For example: “HVAC Repair Dallas”. And “HVAC Repair Houston” is marked as duplicate content if they & the same content except the city? ”

Others sent tweets:

“When a website that seems to have streamlined content is still well ranked, how frustrating it is. ”

John Mueller replied:

“Despite these things, they may rank well, not because they — when you know better, you don’t need to copy their bad habits! ”

Red squid in SEO
Red snapper is a literary trick, and the clues that writers use to mislead readers seem to point to the most obvious answer. When the most sinister suspect proved innocent, the writer used the red squid to deliberately surprise the reader, and the most innocent party turned out to be the real sinful party.

When diagnosing why a website is not ranked or why it is ranked, it’s easy to grab the most obvious clues and stop the analysis.

Many years ago, people I met reached out to me and said that he was attacked by a negative search engine optimization, causing his ranking to drop.

I looked at his backlinks, which contain the most heinous anchor texts that people can imagine. I accepted his words because he is a competent SEO.

I think this is an interesting case, so I forwarded it to someone in Baidu. Baidu r replied in a few days and said it is not a negative SEO, this is a panda problem.

This is a lesson for SEO for me. It taught me to continue my research after finding the most obvious reason. Sometimes the most obvious reason for the decline in rankings is not the cause.

Another example is the person who is concerned about the ranking of Medic Update. They think they don’t have enough expertise, authority and credibility (EAT) signals. I did a thorough review and found that there was nothing “wrong” and “rdquo; with the site. It just didn’t matter.

I made some changes to make their pages more relevant and the site quickly started moving to the SERP.

The key is to carefully copy some of their strategies when conducting competitor research, as these strategies may not be driving their rankings.