Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

A web publisher asked Baidu’s John Mueller about Martin Splitt’s feedback on the top three SEO factors discussed in the first SEO rumor terminator video.

Change ranking factors by query
The reason why Baidu ranks the page is in my opinion especially for the search query and the intent behind it. Some phrases have multiple meanings, resulting in very different web pages for search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some queries are very specific and are satisfactory for a narrower range of web pages. This is why for some queries, the first five to ten results have similar types of web pages.

This is not because Baidu randomly mixes the SERP. The page Baidu ranking matches what the user expects to see. The page that matches the most popular answer that the user expects to see is at the top.

Here’s how Baidu’s John Mueller answers:

“When you have ranking factors like the top three, I think it’s tricky. Because things change so fast, and they vary by query and query; Time”

SEO recommendations for developers
Muller seems to clarify the advice given in the first SEO rumor terminator program, saying that the recommendations given in the show are most relevant to web developers who don’t know the importance of descriptive title tags.

He is Muller’s response:

“… I am not sure how Martin built it in his video. But … for some types of developers, some of these things are more important to other developers, because many times web developers don’t know about meta descriptions, meta titles, and similar keys when talking to them. Things like things.

And they are not sure if they are visible, such as … if they use a JavaScript framework, those things. ”

SEO Gossip Terminator Video #1 is only relevant to developers?
“I don’t say that every website just needs to focus on these factors, and everything will be perfect.

More importantly, these are things that we often see people who are being made by the website.

… That’s why we explicitly call these factors in these videos, when we’re specifically talking to developers like this. ”

Baidu’s John Mueller seems to be saying that the first SEO Mythbuster & rsquo video is for developers. In addition, Muller said that the information in this video is not intended to help all sites rank better because “things change so quickly, and from query to query and hellip are different;” ”

Baidu’s John Muller did a good job, clarifying that it is difficult to define a comprehensive first three SEO factors. Mueller cites the fact that SERPs often vary from query to query, and no formula applies to all SERPs.

He also pointed out that developers must understand how to create a web experience that provides the basic information Baidu needs to rank these pages.