Bling cellphone insurance: Treat yourself (and your phone) to super cheap bling cover

Bling cellphone insurance is here. Forget about the chocolates and toss the flowers into the compost heap (because we don’t want to be entirely wasteful, yeah). The best gift that you can give yourself or your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day is a bit of bling from the king. Yes, the king now has bling on offer and it’s almost better than an ethically-sourced diamond. It’s our new bling cellphone insurance product that helps you insure your cellphone for a much better price!

What do people feel lost and bereft without? What do they treasure beyond belief? What would they grab in a fire? Their phones. That’s why getting yourself super cheap cover for your phone is a tremendously romantic idea. We’ve even got 3 options for you to choose from, including like-new, brand-new, or screen-fix cover.

Here’s a little about each option so you know which 1 to get yourself.

The candles and champers like-new option (20% cheaper than the market average)

We’re the only insurer to offer a ‘like-new’ level of cellphone insurance, where your damaged phone will be repaired or replaced with a similar make and model or a similar, refurbished phone. You’ll even get a 12-month warranty with your like-new phone, which is awesome.

The flowers and chocolates brand-new option

Are you particular about the kind of phone that you have? Want to make sure that you get the same 1 back if disaster strikes? Then you want the king’s brand-new cover, because this option repairs or replaces your phone with the same make and model after theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage.

The restaurant reservation screen-fix option

Ever notice that your special bok-bok has difficulty keeping his or her screen in pristine condition? Or maybe you’re the 1 living with scratches and chips… Either way, the king’s screen-fix option is ridiculously affordable and covers the cost of fixing up those pesky cracks. You’re basically giving the gift of a shiny, smooth screen to yourself.

So, how do you get this bling?

It’s super easy. Just click here to find a bit more info and then you can get a quote.

This is the info you’ll need to cover your phone:

  • Your personal details.
  • The make, model, and value of the cellphone.
  • The phone’s IMEI and serial number.
  • Your banking details (for your debit order).

It’s always good to show yourself a bit of love and what better way than to insure the thing that you really, really love? Your phone, of course.

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