Bling: The king introduces super cheap bling cover for your phone

Bling, the king’s done it again! He’s only gone and introduced a new insurance product that’ll help you save money and protect something that’s relevant to your life. Say hello to the king’s bling cover. It’s our new royal product that helps you insure your phone for a much better price.

You might be thinking that cellphone insurance already exists, so why are we bothering with this ‘bling cover’? We’ll tell you. Even though 35% of people damage their cellphones within the first year, it seems as though very few take out insurance.

Why? There are loads of reasons, but we’ve figured that it boils down to just these 2: Choice and price. Cellphone insurance can be a bit expensive for some people and there’s only 1 choice: Get it and pay up or don’t get it and lose out when the phone breaks or is stolen. We solved that particular dilemma by creating a cellphone insurance product that gives you choice and saves you a fair bit every month.

Here’s what you need to know about bling cover

We’re so pleased (over the moon and doing backflips down the hall, actually) that you want to know more. We’re super proud of this product and how it can help you protect your phone.

Here’s the lowdown on how it all works:

  • There are 3 options to choose from: Like-new, brand-new, and screen-fix cover.
  • You need to be 18 years or older to get it.
  • You need to be a South African citizen.
  • You’ll need to submit personal info, your banking details, and info about the phone (including the make, model, and value of the phone and its IMEI number).

More about those 3 options

We offer like-new, brand-new, and screen-fix options. Here’s what you need to know so that you can choose the cover that suits you and your phone.

The king’s like-new option for your cellphone

We’re the only insurer to offer this type of cellphone insurance, because we’re true innovators who think outside the box when it comes to what’s best for you. Alright, enough sappy talk. What you need to know is that with this option, your phone will be repaired or replaced following theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage with a similar make and model or a similar, refurbished phone. You also get a 12-month warranty, which is the recipe for trust, in our opinion.

We’ve saved this last bit of info as our wow-factor… Our like-new option is significantly cheaper than insuring for a brand new replacement.

That’s a lot of cash that you’re not spending every month, while stilllll making sure your phone’s covered.

The king’s brand-new option for your cellphone

Prefer to have your phone replaced with a brand new device? Fear not, we’ve got your back with our brand-new cover. This way, your phone will be replaced with a brand-spanking-new phone following theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage. And obviously if we can, we’ll repair it following loss, accidental damage or water damage.

The king’s screen-fix option for your cellphone

You might just want to cover your phone’s screen only, and again, we’ve thought about that. You can choose to just get our fantastic screen-fix option to cover the cost of cracks to your phone’s screen due to accidentally bumping or dropping your phone.

Yes mate! We’ve done our very best to make sure that you can choose exactly what you want to cover with these 3 options and can’t wait to find out what you think of our latest offering.

Add a bit of bling to your life

It’s seriously much more affordable to cover your phone then run the risk of paying out of your own pocket to fix screens or replace the phone. Especially now that you can get 1 of the king’s super cheap bling cover options.

Get in touch with our bling team via email ([email protected]) or slide into our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram DMs (@kingpriceinsurance). We can’t wait to help you cover your phone for a budget-friendly price.


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