The case against doctor Maha for threatening, torturing doctor, other accused

Case against doctor Maha for threatening, torturing doctor, other accused

Karachi police have registered a case against a doctor and alleged friends of Dr Maha Shah in the case of a female doctor who committed suicide on other charges including threatening and violence.

A young doctor at a private hospital in Clifton shot himself August 18 at his home in Defence.

DIG South Zone Javed Akbar Riaz told Dawn that the police had registered a case against the accused on the complaint of Dr Maha Shah’s father.

He said that the police would ensure that the case was investigated on merit.

He said that who are the drug suppliers in the covered areas of Karachi due to which such unfortunate incidents occur.

Police have registered a case against Dr Maha’s friends Junaid Khan, Waqas Hassan, Dr Irfan and others under sections 334, 337J, 506 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of the deceased’s father Syed Asif Shah.

According to the FIR, Dr Maha Shah befriended Junaid Khan four years ago through his sister.

Junaid Khan allegedly made Dr Maha addicted to cocaine and other drugs and later started torturing and insulting her. The accused also allegedly sexually abused her.

Dr. Maha was fed up with his friend and at the same time he met Tabish Qureshi who offered marriage to the deceased, but when Junaid came to know about this, he started threatening Dr. Maha and in return He was mentally tortured.

Dr Maha reported the whole situation to his friend Dr Irfan Qureshi who took advantage of his situation and brought the deceased to his house where he allegedly gave Dr Maha a large quantity of cocaine and other drugs.

It was stated in the FIR that Dr. Irfan also made objectionable gestures with Dr. Maha, on which the deceased got angry and reached his house by taxi and told the whole story to his family and said that he was being blackmailed. His life has become indigestible.

She also told the family that serious consequences and threats of humiliation were being made in the society and said that she would end her life.

The deceased’s father said that Junaid Khan, Waqas Hassan, Dr Irfan Qureshi and others had tortured his daughter mentally and physically and they were allegedly ‘killers’ of Dr Maha.

It is pertinent to mention that regarding the suicide incident that took place in DHA Phase 4, the police initially said that 24 year old Dr. Maha Ali Shah ended his life by shooting himself over some domestic dispute.

However, on August 22, SSP South Shiraz Nazir said that two accused have been arrested for supplying pistols to Maha Ali Shah. The 9mm pistol belonged to Saad Siddiqui and was brought to Maha by Tabish Qureshi on demand. ۔

He said that when Dr. Maha came back from the duty of the private hospital, she was very depressed. She was lying in the room with her sister while her father Asif Shah also came and lay down on the bed in the same room.

SSP South said that Dr. Maha Bahana went to the bathroom and locked the door and took a shower, after which he sat against the wall in the bathroom and shot himself with a 9mm pistol.

He said that the bullet crossed his head and got stuck in the wall of which the police obtained evidence. Hearing the sound of the bullet, the father ran away, made noise and broke the bathroom door together with his daughter.

He said that under the shower in the bathroom, Maha was addicted to blood and his head was on the commode.

Shiraz Nazir said that the father called helper 15 and called his close friend Dr. Zahra. Dr. Maha was shifted to the hospital where he died after a few hours of treatment.

He said that Dr. Maha Ali Shah was suffering from severe depression and used to talk about killing herself, while the investigation against the characters involved in the suicide was underway.