CompuServe was an American online service provider, the first major commercial company in the United States – named in 1994 as “the oldest of the Big Three information services”.

30 years of dialup CompuServe

On September 24, 1979, the world’s first dialup provider CompuServe began work. In those days, digital content did not exist, so the provider had to create it himself. For example, CompuServe has contracted with newspapers to provide their content digitally. That’s what an online news service looked like back in 1981 at a speed of …

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Talk to Us at Que

Que In this Chapter: Learn about Macmillan Computer Publishing (MCP) Visit the MCP Forum on CompuServe Discover MCP and Que on the World Wide Web Contact the author on the web and through e-mail Visit Que on CompuServe and on the internet!………………………..> This chapter is about Que’s presence on CompuServe (in the Macmillan Computer Publishing …

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Sharing Your Opinions

Sharing Your Opinions In This Chapter: Vent Your Spleen in CompuServe Forums Discuss politics and other controversial issues Explore Controversial content on the internet Communicate with the Whit House and the rest of the Federal government. When You want to share your opinions with people that count, CompuServe is the place to go!……. if you …

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Hitting the Mall CompuServe

Hitting the Mall CompuServe Hitting the Mall CompuServe Hitting the Mall The CompuServe Electronic Mall is a virtual shopping center that housesg dozens of stores. None of these stores have real storefronts; they exist only. on your computer screen. But just as you can in real stores, you can browse around CompuServe’s stores and order …

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