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The Anatomy of Great Headlines

Great Headlines

Great Headlines A lot of research has been done to make the headline a good headline. The two most common characteristics of a good header are character and emotion. Explanation simply means that the title is designed with your target audience in mind. The goal is to make your target audience feel that the headline …

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What is an SEO Audit?

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Search engine optimization is complex. This includes incorporating your website, content, and technology to enhance the search engine ranking algorithms and their needs. The worst part is that you can fix almost everything, but ignore the one thing that will stop your growth. An SEO audit is a process in which you scrutinize specific factors …

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List of Legal Heirs

List of Legal Heirs

List of Legal Heirs Mr. Muhammad fakhrealam Librarian B – 18 GHSS No. 4 Mardan Who is going to be retire from service w.e.f 29 – 12 – 2016. His legal Heirs are as under. S.No Name Relationship Date of Birth Marital Status 1 Wife 1970 Married 2 Son 20 – 03 – 1992 Un-Married …

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JOB SATISFACTION Abstract Job satisfaction represent on of all most complex areas facing to days managers when it comes to managing their employees. May studies have demonstrated a usually large impact on the job satisfaction on the motivation of workers. While the level of motivation has an impact on productivity and hence also on performance …


What Is Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative Learning

What Is Collaborative Learning? Answer: Collaborative learning:     Collaborative learning” is an umbrella term for a variety of educational approaches involving joint intellectual effort by students, or students and teachers together. Usually, students are working in groups of two or more, mutually searching for understanding, solutions, or meanings, or creating a product. Collaborative learning activities vary …

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The Role of ICT in Learning

Role of ICT

Role of ICT The Role of ICT in Learning Answer:Introduction:     The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Dutch education is lagging behind expectation and desire. Hence, the advisory ‘Committee On Multimedia In Teacher Training’ (COMMITT, at present PROMMITT), established by the Dutch Minister of Education, has drawn up recommendations on the design of …

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