Collect well-ranked websites to calculate algorithms

ranked websites

Collect well-classified websites to calculate algorithms. Is this possible? Of course, this is also the process that SEO beginners must go through and the process of competitive analysis. Therefore, collecting sorting stations from others is a very important step in our search engine optimization process.

Of course, we usually have competitors. When analyzing competitors, we will also analyze why other sites rank well and which one is better than us. However, we should not only limit ourselves to our competitors, but also have more good places to learn. In addition, because the classification of the algorithm is constantly changing, the classification of the station will naturally focus on the changes of the algorithm. This is also a way to observe changes in the classification algorithm.

Although rankings are always changing, algorithms are always changing. What is good and what is bad is that we need to evaluate, so it is not only a better way to learn from opponents or partners, but also a way of learning for non-peer. You can also try these effects and accumulate SEO skills in practice.

But what is certain is that the purpose of this is definitely the user experience, which is the original intention of the search engine. If the user experience is not good, then more algorithm updates will not help the search engine.