Competitive keyword and link research work

Having an effective link building strategy is critical to the success of any SEO activity. Having said that, a great link build strategy may not translate to another for a client or site. Cookie cut links build mindsets are where many SEOs often fail.

I will speak it out here and say that it may not be the best idea to implement the same link building practice as keyword health insurance as a keyword plastic injection molding. Putting every website you work under the same umbrella is a disaster.

It’s important to recognize the challenges you face in the competition. Below I have documented my competitive keywords and link research methods to help me rank various websites in recent months.

For the purposes of this article, I will use a fictitious site that contains site characteristics and statistics that I randomly applied.


Domain age: 2006

Link: 1,300

Target Keywords: Party Supplies

Anchor text segmentation:

40% optimized anchor text (party supplies, party decorations, etc.)

20% brand (brand name, website, etc.)

20% random (click here to read more, edit endorsement)

10% image and no tracking links

All of this data can be achieved by using SEO Moz’s Linkscape comparison report or the Open Site Explorer backlink analysis tool.

First, we need to know exactly what we are competing and the steepness of the hill we are about to climb. This not only sets the tone for the long road ahead, but also gives you an idea of ​​how to translate and set expectations for your customers. A simple Baidu search will reveal who is then competitive with Linkscape reports.

(Linkscape analysis of the top 4 sites ranked ‘ party supplies & rsquo;)

As you can see, the basic comparison report can provide you with a wealth of information, from the actual number of links to the home page URL to the trust or permissions that SEO Moz provides for the domain name. For experienced or experienced SEO veterinarians, these seem to be obvious indicators, but in the fast-paced SEO world, these very important factors are easy to see.

So you analyzed the game, what is it now? Seek and destroy, dig deeper to find out which of these 15k links actually passed the maximum trust and permissions for Baidu. What do the websites have in common besides the links? Unique page title and description? Content strategy? Replacement text on their images?

What & rsquo;there they in the presence of social media? I can stick to it for a few days. What I want to say is that the explanation is usually more than “building more links.” & rdquo; As Baidu’s algorithms become more advanced, dark link building practices and black/grey hat tactics will be eliminated. The long-term success and sustainability of search engine optimization will go deeper into those who redouble their efforts to plan and execute ahead of time.