CompuServe Finding the right number

CompuServe Finding the right number

Finding the right number

Now that you have subscribed, you need to find the best way to dial into CompuServe.

If you purchased a CompuServe Membership Kit, you should have the list of access numbers included in the kit’s instructions. (CompuServe has an entire network of local numbers you can call to access its service; this way you don’t have to dial a central long-distance number to log on.) If, for some reason, you can’t find the instruction booklet, you can call 1-800-848-8199 and use CompuServe’s automated voice mail system to obtain a local access number.

In case you can’t find a local number to dial, CompuServe does offer a toll-free 800-line access number you can use. There are four of these numbers, each of which corresponds to a specific modem speed. Of course, using an 800 number costs a bit more than dialing a local number—$6 per hour, to be precise.

Modem Speed Number
300, 1200, or 2400 baud 1-800-848-4480
9600 or 14,400 baud 1-800-331-7166
28,800 baud 1-800-454-8327
57,600 baud 1-800-473-6282

The best way to use an 800 number for access is to initially connect via the 800 number, and then search CompuServe for a local access number. It takes only a few minutes to find a local number, and when you do, you can disconnect and then reconnect using the lower-priced local number.
Once you’re connected to CompuServe, it’s easy to search for access numbers. Just click the Main Menu button on the left side of the Home Desktop, select the Member Assistance tab, and click the Access Phones icon. Here you can search for phone numbers by city or by area code.

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