CompuServe on a silver platter with CompuServeCD

CompuServe on a silver platter with CompuServeCD

CompuServe on a silver platter with CompuServeCD

CompuServeCD is a subscription-based CD-ROM meant to supplement your normal CompuServe membership by offering lots of stuff on the CD-ROM that isn’t available online. First and foremost, it’s a full-fledged multimedia magazine on disk—complete with audio and video and all sorts of extras. Second, CompuServeCD includes a database for all the files available on CompuServe, which can make it much easier for you to find a file without incurring connect-time charges. Finally, each issue of CompuServeCD comes with an updated version of the CompuServe Directory, listing all of the services available on CompuServe.

Let’s get spinning: How to get a copy of CompuServeCD

First, you need to get the most recent copy of CompuServeCD. CompuServe mails you a new disc every two months or so. For demonstration purposes, I’ll refer to issue 196W, which came out in mid-1996.

The best way to get your hands on a copy of CompuServeCD is through CompuServe. To do so, GO CCD to access the CompuServeCD Online menu. From here, you can get a product overview, you can join the CompuServeCD forum, and you can order your own copy of CompuServeCD. It will cost you $5.95 (U.S.) per issue, plus shipping and handling.

Playing CompuServeCD

If you’re using Windows 95, CompuServeCD is automatically launched when you insert it in your CD-ROM drive. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you’ll have to run the SETUP.EXE file on the CD.

Why can’t I hear any audio?

This could be the result of several problems. (1) You could have a faulty connection on either your sound card, your speakers, or your CD-ROM drive. (2) You could have an incorrect sound drive installed on your PC. (3) The volume on your speakers might be turned down.

My system lochs up when I run one of CompuServeCD’s movies. What should I do?

Lockups generally happen when you have incorrect video drivers installed on your system. For starters, select a driver/configuration for standard VGA (640×480) with 256 colors. (You can also try a higher resolution combina¬tion, but make sure you’re running 256 colors.) If you still have problems, try updating your video driver to a newer version. It’s also possible that you have insufficient memory available to run movies properly; try closing other Windows applications before you start CompuServeCD.

Between the grooves: What’s on CompuServeCD

When you launch CompuServeCD, you’re presented with a Start Up screen like the one shown in Fig. 11.2. To open the magazine, click the main screen where it says “Click this button to launch the latest edition of CompuServeCD.” Note that when you open the magazine, the original Start Up screen stays open; you’ll use this screen to access some of the other features of CompuServeCD.

After you open the magazine, a brief animated sequence runs across your screen and you’re left with the Cover screen. From here, you can do the following:

  • Go to featured articles and services
  • Turn to the next page in the magazine
  • Go to a list of Departments
  • Go to the next Department
  • Open the Browse window
  • Go to the Outbox
  • Open CompuServeCD’s Help system


The Outbox is a place where CompuServeCD stores anything that needs to be done later online. So if you’re batching a lot of files to down¬load, for example, CompuServeCD stores the instructions in the Outbox.