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CompuServe Setting Internet limits

CompuServe Setting Internet limits

When you click the Internet Controls button, you’re taken to the Internet Controls area (GO PATROL) shown in Fig. 4.3. For controlling access at areas of the Internet, CompuServe uses a software program called Cyber Patrol.

With Cyber Patrol, you can restrict access during certain times of the day; you can limit the total amount of time spent online; you can block access to sites featuring topics on the Cyber NOT list; and you can block access to particular resources and sites you select.

The Cyber NOT list is maintained by Micro Systems Software, Inc., the developers of Cyber Patrol. Normally, a twelve-month subscription to this list costs $70; CompuServe gives you one year free when you download the Cyber Patrol software.

CompuServe Setting Internet limits

To use Cyber Patrol, you must download it from CompuServe and install it separately from the CompuServe software. To download Cyber Patrol,

click the Download Cyber Patrol button and select Download Cyber Patrol for Windows. This downloads the CP-SETUP.EXE file into your c:\cserve\ download directory. Click the Windows 95 Start button, select Run, and choose the c:\cserve\download\cp-setup.exe file. When the installation starts, you’ll be prompted to select the Tamper-Resistance Level. The options are “High Security” (recommended) and “Low Security.” (See Chapter 9 for more information on downloading files.)

Once the installation is complete, you’ll be prompted to restart your system. After restarting, you’ll see a message stating You must be online to register Cyber Patrol. When you start CompuServe, you’ll see a new Cyber Patrol button on the toolbar. Click this button to connect to CompuServe.

You’ll be prompted to register your copy of Cyber Patrol; you’ll need to fill out the registration information to receive a password. While you’re in Cyber Patrol Headquarters, you should identify the types of controls you want to establish: the type of content that can be accessed, the amount of time that can be spent, and the services that can be used.

When Cyber Patrol is up and running, you can use your password to access any Internet sites you want, but your kids will be denied access to the types of sites you specified during installation. It’s a good way to keep the Internet safe for all members of your family.

Even though these controls do a decent job of filtering unsavory

sites, they don’t catch everything; it’s still good to monitor your kids’ sessions yourself. A little parental supervision never hurt.

What do I do if I forget my parental control password?

For one, you’ll be asked the “backup” question you provided when you first set up the parental control service. If you flub the answer to that question, you’ll need to call CompuServe Support (1-800-848-8990) for the CompuServe Controls, or Cyber Patrol Technical Support (508-879-9000) for the Internet Cyber Patrol software.

I don’t want to use Cyber Patrol anymore; how can I delete the software?

WARNING: Do not delete the Cyber Patrol files manually; this could make areas of CompuServe permanently unavailable to you! Instead, use the Uninstall option from the Icon or HQ File menu; this will properly shut down the software and delete the proper files.