CompuServe’s customer support forums

CompuServe’s customer support forums

CompuServe’s customer support forums

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Billing information                                                        BILLING
Change your phone number or address       ADDRESS

Command summary                                                     COMMAND

Common questions                                                      QUESTIONS

CompuServe Applications Forum                                 CSAPPS

CompuServe Community Center                                   CISCENTER

CompuServe Help forum                                             HELPFORUM

CompuServe Navigator information                               CSNAV

CompuServe software                                                 CISSOFT

Customer Help Database                                             CSHELP

Feedback to CompuServe                                             FEEDBACK

Service                       GO Command

GO commands                                                                 QUICK

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Membership directory                                                     DIRECTORY

New Member Welcome Center                          WELCOME

Online questions and answers                                          QUESTIONS

Online settings                                                                 PROFILE

Online tour of CompuServe                              TOUR

Practice forum                                                              PRACTICE

Rates information                                                          RATES

Review charges                                                               CHARGES

Service terms and rules                                                RULES

Subject index                                                                 INDEX

Summary of commands                                               COMMAND

What’s New articles                                                         NEW

WinCIM General Support Forum                       WCIMGE

WinCIM Support                                                              WCIMSUPPORT

WinCIM Technical Support Forum                                 WCIMTE

One other way to get help online is to go to CompuServe’s Convention Center area ( pull down the Access menu, select Go, and enter CONVENTION). Once you’re in the Convention Center, you have access to live online cus¬tomer service. To talk live with CompuServe’s Customer Service personnel, select Enter Customer Service Live Area from the introductory Convention Center screen.

Never give your password to anyone online—even if he or she claims to be from CompuServe. CompuServe employees will never ask for your password online.