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Configuring CompuServe different languages

Configuring CompuServe different languages

Any version of CompuServe can display information in English, German, French, or Spanish. You change the default language (which is English to begin with) by pulling down the Access menu and selecting Preferences. From the Connection tab, click the Define Advanced button to display the Define Advanced Settings dialog box (shown in Fig. 12.1). Pull down the Language sent from CompuServe list and select a language. You can also tell CompuServe which country you’re connecting from. To do so, pull down the Country setting list and select your current country.

Configuring CompuServe for different languages


This language option affects only the messages sent from CompuServe; it does not affect the CompuServe interface or anything that arrives over the Internet

CompuServe in other languages is still CompuServe

In addition to the language feature described above, you also obtain country-specific versions of the CompuServe 3.0 software. At the present time, the software is available in French, German, and Spanish versions (in addition to the English version, of course). Just GO CISSOFT, and pick the country version you want.

The country-specific versions of the CompuServe software include localized menus and graphics. So if you use one of them, you won’t have to deal with English being mixed in with the French, German, or Spanish.

Making CompuServe speak other languages

CompuServe’s software comes configured with voice support in English. When it “speaks” to you (saying “Welcome to CompuServe,” when you log on, for example) the voice is in English. Well, actually, she has an American accent, derived from CompuServe’s roots in Columbus, Ohio. However, you can change the voice you hear in CompuServe so that it speaks in other languages. Specifically, the voice can speak in German, French, or Spanish—or in English with a British accent!

All you have to do is download a special file (there’s a separate one for each language), save it in your C:\CSERVE\SUPPORT directory, and then run the file. Each file is self-executing, which means that you can click the Windows 95 Start button, select Run, and enter the program’s name, and the file installs itself automatically.


There’s also a file in the standard American English language that contains sounds for more events than CompuServe automatically comes with.

The files you want are found in the WinCIM Technical Support Forum (GO WCIMTE) in the Install/Upgrade library. Table 12.1 lists the specific files you can download to make CompuServe speak in other languages.

Table 12.1 CompuServe’s foreign language sound files

Language File Language File
American English WCMWAV.EXE French WCFSND.EXE
British English UKWAV.EXE Spanish WCSSND.EXE
German GERWAV.EXE    

CompuServe’s global resources

Throughout this book, I talk about a number of CompuServe resources, and many more are listed in the “Que CompuServe Directory” at the end of this book. Although all of these resources are available to every CompuServe member, they’re available almost exclusively in English.

If you’re using CompuServe outside the U.S., you might like to locate the resources specific to your area of the world. With that in mind, Table 12.2 lists a variety of non-U.S. resources—sorted according to the country and region—that are available on CompuServe.

Table 12.2        Global resources available on CompuServe  
Country/Region. Resource GO Command
Australia Australian Associated Press Online AAPONLINE
Australia Australian/New Zealand Research Centre ANZCOLIB
Australia Pacific Forum PACFORUM
Australia Pacific Vendor Forum PACVEN
Belgium Belgium Forum BELFORUM
Benelux Hoppenstedt Benelux HOPPBEN
Benelux Microsoft Benelux Forum MSBF
Benelux Microsoft Benelux MSBEN
Canada Canada Forum CANADA
Canada Canadian Company Information COCAN

Table 12.2 Continued

Country/Region Resource GO Command
Europe European Community Telework Forum ECTF
Europe Other European Company Information COEURO
Europe European Forum EURFORUM
Europe European Railway Schedule RAILWAY
Europe European Co. Research Centre EUROLIB
Europe Federation of International Distributors Forum FEDERATION
Europe Microsoft Central Europe Forum MSCE
Europe Microsoft Central European Services MSEURO
Europe Telework Europa Forum TWEUROPA
Europe World Community Forum WCOMMUNITY
France Agendus Quo Vadis QUOVADIS
France Associated Press France en Ligne APFRANCE
France Claris France Forum CLARFR
France France Forum FRFORUM
France Informatique France Forum INFOFR
France Le Bihan & Cie LEBIHAN
France Microsoft France Forum MSFR
France Microsoft France MSFRANCE
France PC Direct France Forum PCDFRA
France US Robotics France USRFRANCE
France Windowshare France Forum WSHARE
Germany BertelsmannUnivsallexikon BEPLEXIKON
Germany Borland GmbH Forum BORGER

Table 12.2 Continued

Country/Region Resource GO Command
Germany CA-Clipper Germany Forum CLIPGER
Germany CA Micro Germany Forum CAMICRO
Germany CPV Datensysteme PCIND
Germany Deutsches Computer Forum GERNET
Germany Deutsches Internet Forum GERINTERNET
Germany Deutsches NT Forum GERNT
Germany Deutsches Science Fiction Forum SCIFID
Germany Deutsches Windows 95 Forum DEUWIN95
Germany Deutschland Info INFOGER
Germany Deutschland Online GERONLINE
Germany Deutschland Online Forum GERLINE
Germany DPA-Kurznachrichtendiendst DPANEWS
Germany Dr. Neuhaus Forum NEUHAUS
Germany German Company Information COGERMAN
Germany German Company Research Center GERLIB
Germany IBM PSP Deutschland Forum OS2UGER
Germany Lotus GmbH Forum LOTGER
Germany Magna Media Forum MAGNA
Germany PEARL Forum PEARL
Germany Prisma GmbH Forum PRISMA
Germany Toshiba GmbH Forum TOSHGER
Germany Vobis AG Forum VOBIS
Germany Corel WordPerfect GmbH Forum WPGER
Country/Region                      Resource                                                         GO Command
Germany                                    Ziff PC DIREKT Forum                                              PCDIREKT
Germany                                    Ziff PC Professionell Forum                                       PCPRO
Germany                                    Ziff Windows Deutschland Forum                               GERWIN
Hong Kong                                  Hong Kong Forum                                 HONGKONG
Ireland                                       Northern Ireland News                                         NIRELAND
Israel                                              Israel Forum                    ISRAEL
Italy                                           Italian Forum                                                GO ITALFOR
Italy                                           Microsoft Italy Forum                                             MSITALY
Italy                                           Microsoft Italy                                                         MSITA
Japan                                        Japan Forum                                                           JAPAN
Configuring CompuServe different languages
Latin America                               Latin America Forum                                            FORLATIN
Latin America                              Microsoft Spain/Latin America Forum                  MSSP
Latin America                              Microsoft Spain/Latin America                     MSSPAIN
Mexico                                       Mexico Forum                                                            MEXICO
Netherlands                                 Netherlands Forum                               NLFORUM
Netherlands                                Netherlands Professional Forum        NFPROF
Spain                                         Microsoft Spain/Latin America Forum                          MSSP
Spain                                         Microsoft Spain/Latin America                         MSSPAIN
Spain                                         Spanish Forum                            SPFORUM
United Kingdom                           M Accommodation                                          UKACCOMM
United Kingdom                           AA Days Out                                     UKDAYSOUT
United Kingdom                           AA Golf                                                                 UKGOLF
United Kingdom                           AA Restaurants                                                        UKREST
United Kingdom                           AA Roadwatch               AAROADWATCH
  United Kingdom                     British Books in Print                                            BBIP
Country/Region                   Resource                                                              GO Command
United Kingdom                         British Trade Marks                                      UKTRADEMARK
United Kingdom                         PA News Online                                            PAO
United Kingdom                         PC Direct UK Forum                                       PCDUK
United Kingdom                        PC Magazine UK Forum                               PCUKFORUM
United Kingdom                        PC UK Online                                                  PCUKONLINE
United Kingdom                         Reuters UK News Clips                             UKREUTERS
United Kingdom                         UK Book Reviews                                       UKBREVE
United Kingdom                         UK Communications Forum                      UKCOMMS
United Kingdom                         UK Company Information                           COUK
United Kingdom                         UK Computer Shopper Forum                       UKSHOPPER
United Kingdom                        UK Computing Forum                                    UKCOMP
United Kingdom                         UK Film Reviews                                               UKFILMS
United Kingdom                        UK Forum                                                          UKFORUM
United Kingdom                         UK Historical Pricing                                         UKPRICE
United Kingdom                        UK Issue Lookup                                                 SEDOL
United Kingdom                        UK Newspaper Library                                        UKPAPERS
United Kingdom                        UK Professionals Forum                                      UKPROF
United Kingdom                        UK Research Centre                                             UKLIB
United Kingdom                        UK Shareware Forum                                          UKSHARE
United Kingdom                        UK Theatre Reviews                                         UKTHEATRE
United Kingdom                        UK TV Soap Previews                                         UKSOAPS
United Kingdom                        UK Video Reviews                                              UKVIDEO
United Kingdom                        UK Weather                                                    UKWEATHER

United Kingdom                         UK What’s On Guide                                                   UKWO