Cruising CompuServe’s most popular areas

Cruising CompuServe’s most popular areas

Cruising CompuServe’s most popular areas

Because CompuServe has literally thousands of separate areas, even this book can’t describe them all. In the following sections, however, I would like to point out some of the more popular areas of the service. So fasten your seat belts, and let’s go for a quick cruise on the CompuServe highway.

Your favorite places

A neat feature of CompuServe is the Favorite Places list. This list contains those services to which you go most often. Of course, CompuServe isn’t smart enough to figure out which services you use the most, so you have to add items to the list yourself.
To add a new service to the list, click the Add To Favorite Places button. When the Define Favorite Place dialog box appears, enter a Name for the service in the first box, the GO command in the Location box, and the Priority level of this location. Click OK to add the new entry to your Favorite Places list.

The best way to navigate CompuServe

Actually, there’s no “best way” to navigate CompuServe, but there is my way, and I’ll share it with you. When I log on—which I do every other day or so—here’s what I do (in order):

  1. Check my e-mail messages by clicking the Mail Center button, selecting the Read tab, and clicking the Get Mail icon.
  2. Find out what’s new on CompuServe by clicking the Main Menu button, selecting the Main Menu tab, and clicking the What’s New icon.
  3. Check today’s news with the GO NEWS command.
  4. Check today’s weather by clicking the Weather button on the button bar.
  5. Go directly to my Favorite Places list by clicking the Favorite Places button on the button bar. Then I click through my list of favorite places (mostly forums), systemati¬cally.
  6. If I have time, I like to cruise the Web, which I do by clicking the Browse the Internet button on the button bar and then entering the URLs of the sites I want to visit.

This procedure might not be for everyone, but it works for me.

if you’re in a forum or service when you click the Add to Favorite Places button, the name and GO command for that service will automati¬cally be displayed in the Define Favorite Place dialog box.
To access a service on your Favorite Places list, highlight the item and click the Go button. You’re automatically connected to CompuServe and taken to the selected service.

The Favorite Places list is a great way to store the forums and services you go to frequently; it’s easier to pick them off the list than it is to use the GO command each time.

Getting (stocks) quoted

With CompuServe, it’s easy to get updated stock reports from CompuServe. Just click the Quotes button to display the Stock Quotes dialog box. This dialog box lists all of your favorite stocks and lets you obtain quotes and performance charts for any and all of the listed stocks.

To obtain stock quotes for a given folder, open the folder and answer No to the question Do you want to work offline? If you’ve been working offline, you can click the Update button to go online and obtain quotes. (See Chapter 16 for more information about stock-related features on CompuServe.)

You can also get an “instant quote” by typing a stock’s symbol in the box at the bottom of the dialog box and clicking the Get Quote button.

Weather reports on the button

Getting the most recent weather report for your area is as easy as clicking a button. When you click the Weather button, you see the Weather dialog box. From this box, you can obtain your local weather report by clicking the Get Weather button. If you want to see a weather map, click the View Maps Button and choose from a variety of real-time maps.

Doing the e-mail thing

Getting new mail is pretty simple with CompuServe. When you connect to CompuServe, the mailbox icon in the lower-left corner indicates whether you have new mail, and if so, how many new messages you have. Just click this button to retrieve your waiting e-mail and to display the Online Mail window. (You can also access this area by clicking the Mail Center button on the

Home Desktop, selecting the Read tab, and clicking the Get Mail button.) To read a piece of e-mail, highlight it and click the Open button.

To create your own e-mail message, go to the Mail Center, select the Create tab, and click the new button. This opens the Create Mail window (Fig. 3.5). Click the Recipients button and enter the e-mail addresses of your recipients, or click the Address Book button to select recipients from the list in your address book. Click OK to confirm the recipients.

Cruising CompuServe’s most popular areas

In the Create Mail window, you now see the name and address of the recipi-ent. Fill-in the Subject of the message and type your message in the bottom part of the window. When you’re done, click Send to log on and send the message immediately. (Or, you can click the Send Later button to file the message for a future transfer to CompuServe. This enables you to compose mail offline and mail it at a later time when you connect to CompuServe.)

Many of the button-based services are also available on the Access menu.

Cruising CompuServe’s most popular areas