Cruising the Internet from CompuServe

Internet from CompuServe

In addition to the normal proprietary parts of CompuServe, you also have access to sites and services on the Internet. This means that virtually all of the online world (except the parts controlled by competing online services such as Amrica Online and Prodigy) are available to you through your CompuServe connection.

Chapter 21 goes into great detail explaining the various parts of the Internet, but we’ll do a quick overview of the Net while we’re here. On the Internet you can find the following services:

  • E-mail (like CompuServe Mail)
  • World Wide Web, the coolest and most popular part of the Net
  • USENET Newsgroups (kind of like CompuServe forum message boards)
  • FTP, for downloading software files
  • Telnet, for communicating with older computers

In addition to the main CompuServe features (forums, e-mail, chat, etc.) you can use CompuServe to access all of these features on the Internet—effectively doubling the content available to you as a CompuServe sub-scriber

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