Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

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Welcome to another version of Ask a SEO! Today’s question comes from Kevin. he asks:

I am responsible for online marketing/website development for B2B consulting companies. After overhauling our homepage and cleaning up most of the content, my boss told me that he wants to redo the homepage every month.

His impression is “it will be better” and “better”. In the eyes of Baidu, and help rank.

I told him that this is not true, but he saw a well-known brand doing this, apparently related to our B2B website. I need a simple, flat answer, and I hope that search engine magazine experts can save the grief and headaches I have to argue.

I started to apologize. In SEO, it is not a simple, flat answer.

But if I have to give you one in this situation, then it won’t work.

No, there is no need to change the home page once a month to get SEO success.

The idea may come from an SEO concept called “freshness”, which shows that fresh content has more value in the eyes of search engines.

This can happen in some situations, especially when it comes to time-sensitive information or news.

But fresh content has no value for all types of websites.

In addition, freshness and time relevance typically apply to pages that are related to a particular topic, rather than regular pages like the home page.

Your home page may not change often unless you are a news organization.

Commercial websites like Apple change because they sell different or newer products, but as you pointed out in the question, this is different from B2B websites where products or services are usually unchanged.

The last consideration is the development time required to update the home page each month. If you use it to create new content or improve the user experience of an existing website, you are likely to get a better return on investment and expense during this time.

In general, I recommend encouraging bosses to provide better service to your users, whether it is a more intuitive design, more FAQs, content on how to use your product or service, or useful industry reviews.

This seems to be the opposite, but focusing on users rather than search engines almost always leads to more successful search engine optimization.

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