Does changing the keyword of the website have an impact on the ranking of the website?

If changing website keywords has an impact on website rankings, some people will often consult Xiaobian. Sometimes the site contains some keywords. When it appears in the list, you may find that some keywords are not attracting traffic to your site. So you want to add keywords or delete some keywords and replace them with other keywords. Does it affect the current ranking of keywords on the site? Let’s take a look at SEO optimization company Youyun Xiaobian!

First, delete some keywords. In general, this situation has almost no fluctuations in the ranking of website keywords. Of course, you should keep in mind that the ranking of deleted keywords will decrease. If you don’t care about the deleted keyword rankings, there won’t be any issues.

Secondly, add the keywords of the website. This time, if you choose to add some keywords that are not related to the keywords of the current website, then the ranking of your website is influential. After all, the newly added keywords will touch the weights on the website. Other keywords, if the selected keywords are basically the same, the impact is not significant.

Third, changing the website keywords, many times the webmaster has done some time, I found that users don’t often search for keywords I made, and there are better keywords to replace the key at this time. This means that if your site content is more in line with the keywords you’ve replaced, your ranking won’t be affected. If the keyword you’re replacing doesn’t match the site’s content, the ranking will decrease.

Summarizing a website is best an industry. You can also choose the keywords you choose to select relevant keywords. Don’t create a website with many related keywords, such as choosing to do SEO. To optimize this industry keyword, please don’t use the WeChat applet or the ad circle, which will reduce the weight of the site’s home page.