Doing basic e-mail stuff

Doing basic e-mail stuff

Doing basic e-mail stuff

With CompuServe 3.0, it’s easy to send and receive e-mail. You can do anything you need to do from within the Mail Center.

Receiving and sending e-mail

The basics of receiving e-mail are pretty simple with CompuServe. Just click the Mail Center button on the Home Desktop, select the Read tab, and click the Get Mail icon. CompuServe lists all waiting messages in the Online Messages list (see Fig. 6.2). In addition to new messages you’ve received, this list includes any old e-mail messages that you have read but haven’t deleted yet.

Fig. 6.2).

To read an e-mail, highlight the listing and click the Open button. When you see the message window, you can reply to the message at hand by clicking the Reply button, or you can store a copy of the message on your hard drive by clicking the File It button. Of course, you can also delete the message by clicking the Delete button.

Creating an e-mail message with CompuServe is just as simple. Click the Mail Center button, select the Create tab, and click the New icon. This opens a Create Mail window like the one in Fig. 6.3. Enter the name of the recipient in the To box, and then enter the CompuServe address of the recipient in the Address box. (You can also click the Recipients button if you want to add multiple recipients, or choose recipients from your Address Book.) After you enter the Subject of the message, type your message in the bottom part of the window. When you’re done, click Send to send the message immediately.

Fig. 6.3).


If you’d rather send this message at a later time, click the Send Later button. This message then appears in your To-Do List. To send messages in the To-Do List, click the To-Do List button on the toolbar and select Process Next.